Jó 11

1 Then responded Zophar the Naamathite, and said:

2 Should, the multitude of words, not be answered? Or should, a man full of talk, be justified?

3 Shall, thy pratings, cause men to hold their peace? When thou hast mocked, shall there be none to put thee to shame?

4 Since thou hast said, Right is my doctrine, and pure am I in his eyes.

5 But, in very deed, oh that GOD would speak, that he would open his lips with thee:

6 That he would declare to thee the secrets of wisdom, for they are double to that which actually is,-Know then that GOD could bring into forgetfulness for thee, a portion of thine iniquity.

7 The hidden depth of GOD canst thou discover? Or, unto the furthest limit of the Almighty, canst thou attain?

8 The heights of the heavens, what canst thou do? Depths deeper than hades, what canst thou know?

9 Longer than the earth, is the measure thereof, and broader than the sea.

10 If he sweep on, or shut up, or call together, Who then shall hinder him?

11 For, he, knoweth men of falsity, and seeth iniquity, and him that doth not diligently consider.

12 But, an empty person, will get sense, when, a wild asss colt, is born a man!

13 If, thou, hast prepared thy heart, and wilt spread forth, unto him, thy hands

14 If, iniquity, be in thy hand, Put it far away, and let there not dwell in thy tents perversity,

15 Surely, then, shalt thou lift up thy face free from blemish, and shalt be established, and not fear.

16 For, now, shalt thou forget, sorrow, Like waters passed away, shalt thou remember it.

17 Above high noon, shall rise lifes continuance, Darkness, like a morning, shall appear,

18 And thou shalt he confident, that there is hope, and, when thou hast searched, securely shalt thou lie down;

19 And shalt rest, with none to put thee in terror,and many shall entreat thy favour.

20 But, the eyes of the lawless, shall fail,and, place of refuge, shall have vanished from them, and, their hope, be a breathing out of life.