Jó 17

1 My spirit, is broken, My days, are extinguished, Graves, are left me.

2 Verily there are mockers, with me! And, on their insults, mine eye doth rest.

3 Appoint it, I pray theebe thou surety for me with thyself, Who is there that, on my side, can pledge himself?

4 For, their heart, hast thou kept back from understanding, On this account, thou wilt not exalt them.

5 He that, for a share, denounceth friends, even, the eyes of his children, shall be dim.

6 But he hath set me, as the byword of peoples, And, one to be spit on in the face, do I become.

7 Therefore hath mine eye become dim from vexation, and, my members, are like a shadow, all of them.

8 Upright men shall be astounded over this, and, the innocent, against the impious, shall rouse themselves.

9 That the righteous may hold on his way, and, the clean of hands, increase in strength.

10 But indeed, as for them all, will ye bethink yourselves and enter into it, I pray you? Or shall I not find, among you, one who is wise?

11 My days, are past, my purposes, are broken off, the possessions of my heart!

12 Night for day, they appoint, Light, is near, by reason of darkness!

13 If I wait for hades as my house, in darkness, have spread out my couch;

14 To corruption, have exclaimed, My father, thou! My mother! and My sister! to the worm.

15 Where then would be my hope? And, as for my blessedness, who should see it!

16 With me to hades, would they go down, If, whollyinto the dust, is the descent!