Jó 19

1 Then responded Job, and said:

2 How long will ye grieve my soul? or crush me with words?

3 These ten times, have ye reviled me, Shameless ye wrong me.

4 And even if indeed I have erred, with myself lodgeth mine error.

5 If indeed, against me, ye must needs magnify yourselves, and plead, against me, my reproach.

6 Know, then, that, God, hath overthrown me, and, within his net, enclosed me.

7 Lo! I cryout: Violence! but receive no answer, I cry aloud, but there is no vindication;

8 My way, hath he walled up, that I cannot pass, and, upon my paths, hath he made darkness rest;

9 My gloryfrom off me, hath he stripped, and hath removed the crown of my head;

10 He hath ruined me on every side, and I am gone, and he hath taken awaylike a treemy hope;

11 Yea he hath kindled against me his anger, and accounted me towards him like unto his adversaries;

12 Together, enter his troops and have cast up, against me, their mound, and have encamped all around my tent;

13 My Brethrenfrom beside me, hath he moved far away, and, mine acquaintance, are wholly estranged from me;

14 Failed me, have my near of kin, and, mine intimate acquaintances, have forgotten me;

15 Ye guests of my house and my maidens, A stranger, have ye accounted me, An alien, have I become in their eyes;

16 To mine own servant, I called, and he would not answer, With mine own mouth, I kept entreating him;

17 My breath, is strange to my wife, and I am loathsome to the sons of my own mother;

18 Even young children, despise me, I rise up, and they speak against me;

19 All the men of mine intimate circle abhor me, and, these whom I loved, have turned against me;

20 Unto my skin and unto my flesh, have my bones cleaved, and I have escaped with the akin of my teeth.

21 Pity me! pity me! ye, my friends, for, the hand of GOD, hath stricken me!

22 Wherefore should ye persecute me as GOD? and, with my flesh, should not he satisfied?

23 Oh, then, that my words, could be written, Oh that, in a record, they could be inscribed:

24 That, with a stylus of iron and lead, for all timein the rock, they could be graven!

25 But, I, know that, my redeemer, liveth, and, as the Last over dust, will he arise;

26 And, though, after my skin is struck off, this , yet, apart from my flesh, shall I see GOD:

27 Whom, I myself, shall see, on my side, and, mine own eyes, have looked upon, and not those of a stranger. Exhausted are my deepest desires in my bosom!

28 Surely ye should sayWhy should we persecute him? seeing, the root of the matter, is found in me.

29 Be ye afraidon your partof the face of the sword, because, wrath,