Jó 27

1 And Job again took up his measure, and said:

2 As GOD liveth who hath taken away my right, even the Almighty, who hath embittered my soul;

3 All the while my inspiration is in me, and the spirit of GOD is in my nostrils,

4 Verily my lips shall not speak perversity, nor shall, my tongue, utter deceit.

5 Far be it from me! that I should justify, you,Even until I breathe my last, will I not let go mine integrity from me:

6 On my righteousness, have I taken fast hold, and will not give it up, My heart shall not reproach any of my days.

7 Let mine enemy be a veritably lawless one! And, he that lifteth himself up against me, one veritably perverse!

8 For what shall be the hope of the impious, though he graspeth with greed, when GOD shall draw forth his soul?

9 His outcry, will GOD hear, when there cometh upon him distress?

10 Verily, in the Almighty, he will not find delight, nor call on GOD continually!

11 I would teach you, by the hand of GOD, That which is with the Almighty, will I not conceal.

12 Lo! ye, have, all of you, seen, Wherefore, then, is it, that ye are utterly without purpose?

13 This, is the portion of a lawless man with GOD, That, the heritage of tyrantsfrom the Almighty, he shall receive.

14 If his children be multiplied, for them, the sword, and, his offspring, shall not be filled with bread;

15 His survivors, by pestilence, shall come to the grave, and, his widows, shall not weep;

16 Though he heap up silver like, dust, and, like a pile, he prepare clothing,

17 He may prepare, but, the righteous, shall put on, and, the silver, shall the innocent apportion.

18 He hath built, like a moth, his house,like a hut, which a watcher hath made.

19 The rich man, shall lie down, and not do it again, his eyes, hath he opened, and then is not.

20 There shall reach himlike watersterrors, By night, a storm-wind hath stolen him away;

21 An east wind shall lift him up, and he shall depart, and it shall sweep him away out of his place;

22 And He will cast upon him and not spare, Out of his hand, shall he, swiftly flee;

23 He shall clap over him his hands, and shall hiss him forth out of his place.