Jó 35

1 Moreover Elihu, responded and said:

2 This, dost thou think to be right? Thou hast saidMy righteousness is more than GODS.

3 For thou dost say, How can one profit by thee? How can I benefit, more than by my sin?

4 I, will answer thee plainly, and thy friends with thee.

5 Look at the heavens and see,and survey the skiesthey are higher than thou.

6 If thou sinnest, what canst thou work against him? Or, if thy transgressions be multiplied, what canst thou do unto him?

7 If thou art righteous, what canst thou give unto him? Or what, at thy hand, can he accept?

8 Unto a man like thyself, might thy lawlessness

9 By reason of the multitude of oppressions, make outcry, They cry for help, by reason of the arm of the mighty;

10 But none saithWhere is GOD my maker, Who giveth songs in the night;

11 Who teacheth us more than the beasts of the earth, and, beyond the bird of the heavens, giveth us wisdom?

12 There, make outcry, and he answereth not, because of the arrogance of evil-doers.

13 Howbeit, vanity, will GOD not hear, Yea, the Almighty, will not regard it.

14 How much less when thou sayest thou wilt not regard him! The cause, is before him, and thou must wait for him.

15 But, now, because it is not so, His anger hath punished, and yet hath he not at all known of transgression;

16 Thus, Job, vainly openeth his mouth, Without knowledge, he multiplieth words.