Jó 36

1 And Elihu added and said:

2 Restrain thyself for me a little, and I will shew thee, that, yetfor GOD, there is justification,

3 I will bring my knowledge from afar, and, to my Maker, will I attribute righteousness.

4 For, of a truthnot false, are my words, One of competent knowledge, is with thee.

5 Lo! GOD, is mighty, yet will he not despise, Mighty in vigour of mind;

6 He will not keep alive one who is lawless, but, the right of oppressed ones, will he grant;

7 He will not withdrawfrom a righteous onehis eyes,but, with kings on the throne, He hath seated men triumphantly, and they have been exalted.

8 But, if, bound in fetters, they have been captured with cords of affliction,

9 Then hath he declared to them their deed, and their transgressionsthat they were wont to behave themselves proudly;

10 Thus hath he uncovered their ear to a warning, and saidthat they should turn from iniquity.

11 If they would hearken, and serve, they should complete their days, in prosperity, and their years, in pleasantness;

12 But, if they would not hearken, by a weapon, should they pass away, and breathe their last, no one knowing.

13 Yea, the impious in heart, should store up anger, They should not cry for help, when he bound them.

14 Their soul should die in youth, and their life, among the unclean.

15 He would deliver the humbled in his humiliation, and would uncoverin oppressiontheir ear.

16 Yea he might even have allured theeout of the mouth of straitness, a wide spaceno narrowness there,and, the food set down on thy table, should have been full of fatness.

17 But, with the plea of a lawless one, thou art full, Plea and sentence, will take fast hold.

18 Because there is wrath, lest he take thee away with a stroke, Then let not, a great ransom, mislead thee.

19 Will he value thy riches? Nay not precious ore, nor all the forces of strength.

20 Do not pant for the night, when peoples disappear from their place.

21 Beware, do not turn unto iniquity, For, this, thou hast chosen rather than affliction.

22 Lo, GOD, exalteth himself by his strength, Who like him doth teach?

23 Who enjoined on him his way? and who ever said, Thou hast wrought perversity?

24 Remember, that thou extol his work, of which men have sung;

25 Every son of earth, hath viewed it, Mortal man, looketh at it from afar.

26 Lo, GOD, is greater than we can know, The number of his years, even past finding out!

27 For he draweth up drops of water, They trickle as rain through his mist;

28 With which the clouds flow down, They drop on man in abundance.

29 But surely none can understand the burstings of the cloud, the crashing of his pavilion!

30 Lo! he hath spread out over it, his lightning, The bed of the sea, hath he covered.

31 For, by those things, he executeth judgment on peoples, He giveth food in abundance:

32 Upon both hands, he putteth a covering of lightning, and layeth command upon it against an assailant:

33 His rolling thunder telleth concerning him,The cattle, even, concerning him that is coming up.