A Última Palavra vem do Senhor

Men who are not versed in the morrowof what sort your life ; for ye are, a vapourfor a little, appearing, then, just disappearing!

Instead of your sayingIf, the Lord, be pleased, we shall both, live and do this or that;

Tiago 4:14,15

The heaven and the earth, shall pass away, but, my words, shall, in nowise, pass away.

Mateus 24:35

Whatsoever Yahweh hath pleased, he hath done,in the heavens and on the earth, in the seas, and all resounding deeps:

Salmos 135:6

Lo! it is coming, and shall be brought to pass, Declareth My Lord. Yahweh,-the same, is the day whereof I had spoken.

Ezequiel 39:8

Then said Yahweh unto Moses, Shall the hand of Yahweh, fail? Now, shalt thou see whether my word come to pass unto thee or not.

Números 11:23

And, he, is before all, and, they all, in him, hold together;

Colossenses 1:17

GOD is, not a man, that he should lie, Nor a son of Adam, that he should repent,Hath, he, said, and will not perform? Yea spoken, and will not make it stand fast?

Números 23:19

So, shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth, It shall not return unto me void,But shall accomplish that which I please, And shall prosper in that whereunto I have sent it.

Isaías 55:11

I know that, all things, thou canst do, and that no purpose can be withholden from thee.

Jó 42:2

To man, belong the preparations of the heart, but, from Yahweh, cometh the answer of the tongue.

Provérbios 16:1

Everything, hath Yahweh made for its own purpose, yea, even the lawless one, for the day of calamity.

Provérbios 16:4

Lo! I, am Yahweh, God of all flesh,For me, is any thing too wonderful?

Jeremias 32:27