Deus é nosso refúgio

Preserve me, O GOD, for I have sought refuge in thee.

Salmos 16:1

I will love thee, O Yahweh my strength!

Yahweh, was my mountain crag and my stronghold, and my deliverer: My GOD, was my rock, I sought refuge in him, My shield, and my horn of salvation, my high tower.

As one worthy to be praised, called I on Yahweh,And, from my foes, was I saved.

Salmos 18:1-3

Godfor us, is a refuge and strength, A help in distresses, soon found.

Salmos 46:1

How precious thy lovingkindness, O God,Therefore, the sons of men, under the shadow of thy wings, seek refuge:

Salmos 36:7

A refuge for the blameless, is the path of Yahweh, but, destruction, the workers of iniquity.

Provérbios 10:29

In the reverence of Yahweh, is strong security, and, his children, shall have a place of refuge.

Provérbios 14:26

O my Strength, unto thee, will I make melody, For, God, is my high tower, my God of lovingkindness.

Salmos 59:17

BOOK THE FOURTH Lord! a dwelling-place, hast, thou, become to us, From generation to generation:

Before, the mountains, were born, Or thou hadst brought forth the earth and the world, Even, from age to age, thou, GOD.

Salmos 90:1,2

1 In thee, O Yahweh, have I sought refuge, Let me not be ashamed to times age-abiding, In thy righteousness, deliver me:

2 Incline unto me, thine ear, Speedily rescue me,Become to me a Rock of refuge, a Place of security, For saving me.

3 Because, my mountain crag and my stronghold, thou art, Therefore, for the sake of thine own Name, wilt thou lead me and guide me?

4 Wilt thou bring me forth, out of the net which they have hidden for me? For, thou, art my refuge.

5 Into thy hand, do I commit my spiritThou hast ransomed me, O Yahweh, GOD most faithful.

Salmos 31:1-5

It is, better to seek refuge in Yahweh, than to put confidence in man:

It is, better to seek refuge in Yahweh, than to put confidence in nobles.

Salmos 118:8,9

Good is Yahweh, as a protection in the day of distress,and one who acknowledgeth them who seek refuge in him.

Naum 1:7

For thou didst become A refuge to the weak. A refuge to the needy, when distress was upon him,A shelter from the storm. A shade from the heat, When the blast of tyrants was like a storm against a wall.

Isaías 25:4

5 Surely, towards God, be thou silent, my soul, For, from him, is mine expectation:

6 Surely, he, is my rock, and my salvation, My high towerI shall not be shaken!

7 Upon God,

8 Trust ye in him all ye assembly of the people, Pour out, before him, your heart, God, is a refuge for us. Selah.

Salmos 62:5-8

Thus be Yahweh a refuge for the crushed one, a refuge for times of destitution:

Thus let them who know thy Name, put confidence in thee, that thou hast not forsaken the searchers for thee, O Yahweh.

Salmos 9:9,10

Be thou unto me, a Rock to dwell in, a Place of Security, To save me, For, my mountain crag and my stronghold, thou art.

Salmos 71:3

Yahweh, is my light and my salvation, Of whom shall I be afraid? Yahweh, is the refuge of my life, Of whom shall I be in dread?

When there drew near against me evil-doers to devour my flesh, mine adversaries, and mine enemiesmine!they, stumbled and fell!

Though there pitch against mea camp, my heart shall not fear,Though there come up against mea battle, still, am I confident.

Salmos 27:1-3

1 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High, Under the shadow of the Almighty, will tarry,

2 Saying of YahwehMy refuge and my fortress, My God, in whom I will trust.

3 For, he, will rescue thee, From the snare of the fowler, From the destructive pestilence.

4 With his pinion, will he cover thee, And, under his wings, shalt thou seek refuge, A shield and buckler, is his faithfulness.

Salmos 91:1-4