Render unto all their dues,unto whom tribute, tribute, unto whom tax, tax, unto whom fear, fear, unto whom honour, honour.

Romanos 13:7

But, before all things, my brethren, do not swear,either by heaven, or by the earth, or by any other oath; but let your Yea be yea, and your Nay nay,lest, under judgment, ye fall.

Tiago 5:12

He that covereth his transgressions, shall not prosper, but, he that confesseth and forsaketh, shall find compassion.

Provérbios 28:13

The integrity of the upright, shall guide them, but, the crookedness of the treacherous, shall be their ruin.

Provérbios 11:3

And, no one having lit a lamp, covereth it up with a vessel, or, beneath a couch, putteth it; but, upon a lamp-stand, putteth it, that, they who come in, may see the light.

Lucas 8:16

Be openly confessing, therefore, one to another, your sins, and be praying in each others behalf,that ye may be healed. Much availeth, the supplication of a righteous man, when it is energised:

Tiago 5:16

The treasures of lawlessness, do not profit, but, righteousness, delivereth from death.

Provérbios 10:2

But have renounced the hidden things of shame, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully,but, by the manifestation of the truth, commending ourselves unto every conscience of men, in the sight of God.

2 Coríntios 4:2

Be resigned to Yahweh, yea wait with longing for him; Burn not with vexation at him who prospereth in his way,at the man who doeth wickedness.

Salmos 37:7

Give diligence, thyself, approved, to present unto God,a workman not to be put to shame, skillfully handling the word of truth.

2 Timóteo 2:15

Dear children! Let us not be loving in word, nor yet with the tongue, but in deed and truth.

1 João 3:18

Be not guilty of falsehood one to another: having stript off the old man, together with his practices,

Colossenses 3:9

By the transgression of the lips, is the wicked man, ensnared, but the righteous, cometh out of distress.

He that whispereth faithfulness, declareth righteousness, but, a false witness, is a fraud.

Provérbios 12:13,17

Better a little with righteousness, than large revenues, without justice.

Provérbios 16:8

For we provide things honourable, not only before Lord, but also before men.

2 Coríntios 8:21

If we sayWe have, fellowship, with him! and, in darkness, are walking, we are dealing falsely, and not doing the truth;

1 João 1:6

For, because of this, are ye paying tribute also,for, Gods ministers of state, they are, unto this very thing, giving constant attendance.

Romanos 13:6

A perverse man, sendeth forth strife, and, a tattler, separateth intimate friends.

Provérbios 16:28

To do righteousness and justice, is more choice to Yahweh than sacrifice.

Provérbios 21:3

Withhold not good from them who ask it, when it is in power of thy hand to do it:

Provérbios 3:27

Unto no one, evil for evil rendering: providing honourable things before all men:

Romanos 12:17

Then, shalt thou understand righteousness and justice, and equityevery noble course.

Provérbios 2:9

A deceptive balance, is an abomination to Yahweh, but, a full weight, is his delight.

The integrity of the upright, shall guide them, but, the crookedness of the treacherous, shall be their ruin.

Provérbios 11:1,3

Well for a man showing favour and lending! He shall sustain his affairs with justice.

Salmos 112:5

But, the wisdom from above, isfirst pure, then peaceable, reasonable, easy to be entreated, fraught with mercy and good fruits, without partiality, without hypocrisy.

Tiago 3:17

Happy, the pure, in heart; for, they, shall, see God:

Mateus 5:8

Let, thine eyes, right onward, look,and, thine eyelashes, point straight before thee.

Provérbios 4:25