Yahweh, is my light and my salvation, Of whom shall I be afraid? Yahweh, is the refuge of my life, Of whom shall I be in dread?

Salmos 27:1

Surely, unto times age-abiding, shall he not be shaken, In remembrance, age-abiding, shall the righteous one remain;

Of evil tidings, shall he not be afraid, Established is his heart, led to trust in Yahweh;

Salmos 112:6,7

And Moses said unto the peopleDo not fear, for to the end he may prove you, hath God come,and to the end the reverence of him may be upon your faces that ye sin not.

Êxodo 20:20

Peace, I leave with you, My own peace, give, I, unto you,Not as, the world, giveth, give, I, unto you:Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

João 14:27

And be not in fear, by reason of them that are killing the body,and, the soul, are not able to kill. But fear, rather, him who is able, both soul and body, to destroy in gehenna!

Mateus 10:28

For nothing, be anxious, but, in everything, by your prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let, your petitions, be made known unto God;

And, the peace of God, which riseth above every mind, shall guard your hearts and your thoughts, in Christ Jesus.

Filipenses 4:6,7

Yahweh, is my light and my salvation, Of whom shall I be afraid? Yahweh, is the refuge of my life, Of whom shall I be in dread?

For he will hide me in his pavilion, in the day of calamity,He will conceal me, in the secrecy of his tent, Within a rock, will he set me on high.

Salmos 27:1,5

What day I am afraid, I, unto thee will direct my confidence.

Salmos 56:3

Do not fear, for with thee, I am! Look not around, for, I, am thy God,I have emboldened thee, Yea I have helped thee, Yea I have upheld thee with my righteous right-hand.

Isaías 41:10

29 Are not, two sparrows, for a farthing, sold? And, one from among them, shall not fall upon the ground, without your Father;

30 But, even the hairs of, your, head, have all been numbered.

31 Then be not in fearthan many sparrows, better are, ye!

Mateus 10:29-31

Whereas, he that hearkeneth unto me, shall dwell safely, and be at rest, without dread of misfortune.

Provérbios 1:33

All your anxiety, casting upon him, because he careth for you.

1 Pedro 5:7

Fear, existeth not, in love, but, perfect love, casteth fear, outside; because, fear, hath correction: he that feareth, hath not been made perfect, in love.

1 João 4:18

The fear of man, setteth a snare, but, he that trusteth in Yahweh, shall be placed on high.

Provérbios 29:25

Let not your heart be troubled: Believe on God, and, on me, believe.

João 14:1

I enquired of Yahweh, and he hath answered me, And, out of all my terrors, hath he rescued me.

Salmos 34:4

38 And he was in the stern, on the cushion, sleeping. And they arouse him, and say unto him, Teacher! carest thou not that we perish?

39 And, roused up, he rebuked the wind, and said unto the seaHush! be still! and the wind lulled, and it became a great calm.

40 And he said unto themWhy, are ye, fearful? Not yet, have ye faith?

Marcos 4:38-40

After these things, came the word of Yahweh unto Abram, in a vision saying,Do not fear Abram, am a shield to thee, thine exceeding great reward.

Gênesis 15:1

So that, taking courage, we may be sayingThe Lord, hasteth to my cry,I will not be put in fear: what shall, man, do unto me?

Hebreus 13:6

For ye have not received a spirit of servitude, leading back into fear, but ye have received a spirit of sonship, whereby we are exclaimingAbba! Oh Father!

Romanos 8:15

What day I am afraid, I, unto thee will direct my confidence.

In God, I wilt praise his cause,In God, have I trusted, I will not fear, What can flesh do unto me?

Salmos 56:3,4

For, they who bear rule, are not a terror unto the good work but unto the evil. Wouldst thou not be afraid of the authority? That which is good, be thou doing, and thou shall have praise of the same;

Romanos 13:3

Be not afraid of their faces, For with thee, am I, to deliver thee Declareth Yahweh.

Jeremias 1:8

My heart, would writhe within me, And, the terrors of Death, have fallen upon me:

Fear and trembling, would enter me, And there would have overwhelmed mea horror!

Salmos 55:4,5

For God hath not given us a spirit of cowardice, but of power, and love, and correction.

2 Timóteo 1:7

Seeing therefore the children have received a fellowship of blood and flesh, he also, in like manner, took partnership in the same,in order that, through death,he might paralyse him that held the dominion of death, that is, the Adversary,

And might release theseas many as, by fear of death, were all their lifetime liable, to bondage.

Hebreus 2:14,15

15 And, when the attendant of the man of God arose early and went forth, lo! a force surrounding the city, with horses and chariots. Then said his young man unto himAlas! my lord, what shall we do?

16 And he saidDo not fear,for, more, are, they who are with us, than, they who are with them.

17 Then prayed Elisha, and said, O Yahweh! open, I beseech thee, his eyes, that he may see. And Yahweh opened the eyes of the young man, and he saw, and lo! the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire, round about Elisha.

2 Reis 6:15-17

And the messenger said unto herDo not fear, Mary, for thou hast found favour with God,

And 1o! thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name, Jesus:

Lucas 1:30,31

Thou drewest near, in the day I kept calling on thee, thou saidst, Do not fear!

Lamentações 3:57

Be not afraid, the dear little flock! for your Father delighteth to give you, the kingdom.

Lucas 12:32

Like the compassion of a father for his children, Is, the compassion of Yahweh, for them who revere him;

Salmos 103:13

Yahweh, is on my side, I will not fear, What can man, do unto me?

Salmos 118:6

Thou shalt not be afraid, Of the dread of the night, Of the arrow that flieth by day;

Of the pestilence that, in darkness, doth walk, Of the plague that layeth waste at noonday.

Salmos 91:5,6

When thou sittest down, thou shalt have no dread, yea thou shalt lie down, and sweet shall be thy sleep.

Provérbios 3:24

In God, I wilt praise his cause,In God, have I trusted, I will not fear, What can flesh do unto me?

Salmos 56:4

Have I not commanded thee, Be firm and bold, do not start nor be dismayed,for, with thee, is Yahweh thy God, whithersoever thou goest?

Josué 1:9

But, Yahweh, it is who is going before thee, he will be with thee, he will not fail thee nor forsake thee,thou must not fear nor be dismayed.

Deuteronômio 31:8

Cast upon Yahweh thy lot, and, he, will sustain thee: He will not suffer, to times age-abiding, the righteous one to be shaken.

Salmos 55:22

For I, Yahweh thy God am firmly grasping thy right-hand,Who am saying unto thee Do not fear! I, have become thy helper!

Isaías 41:13

But, they, seeing him, upon the sea, walking, supposed that it was an apparition, and cried out aloud;

for, all, saw him, and were troubled. But, he, straightway, talked with them, and saith unto themTake courage! it is, Ibe not afraid!

Marcos 6:49,50

Without fondness for money, be your way of life,being content with the present things,for, he, hath said: In nowise, thee, will I leave, no indeed! in nowise, thee, will I forsake:

So that, taking courage, we may be sayingThe Lord, hasteth to my cry,I will not be put in fear: what shall, man, do unto me?

Hebreus 13:5,6

Yea, though I walk through a valley death-shadowed, I will fear no harm, for, thou, art with me, Thy rod and thy staff, they, comfort me.

Salmos 23:4

But thou son of man Be not afraid of them Nor of their words, be afraid Though thorns and thistles are about thee, And amongst prickly plants, thou dost dwell, Of their words, be not afraid nor At their faces, be thou dismayed, For a perverse house, they are!

Ezequiel 2:6

Be firm and bold, do not fear nor tremble because of them,for Yahweh thy God, it is who is going with thee, he will not fail thee nor forsake thee.

Deuteronômio 31:6

Be not thou afraid, O soil,exult and rejoice, because Yahweh, hath shown himself great, in doing.

Joel 2:21

Nevertheless, even if ye should suffer for righteousness sake, happy ! Their fear, however, do not fear, neither be troubled;

1 Pedro 3:14

Say to the hurried in heart, Be strong, Do not fear,Lo! your God, with avenging, doth come, With the recompence of God, He, doth come to save you.

Isaías 35:4

1 Godfor us, is a refuge and strength, A help in distresses, soon found.

2 For this cause, will we not fear, Though the earth showeth change, Or the mountains slip into the heart of the seas:

3 The waters thereof roar and foam, The mountains tremble with the swelling thereof Selah.

Salmos 46:1-3