How to number our days, so grant us to know, That we may win us a heart that hath wisdom.

Salmos 90:12

Give thee according to thy heart, and, all thy purposes, fulfil.

Salmos 20:4

For, my thoughts, are not, your thoughts, Nor, your ways, my ways,Declareth Yahweh.

Isaías 55:8

Many are the devices in a mans heart, but, the counsel of Yahweh, that, shall stand.

Provérbios 19:21

For, every thing, there is a season,and a time for every pursuit, under the heavens:

Eclesiastes 3:1

For, I, know the plans which I am planning for you Declareth Yahweh,Plans of welfare and not of calamity, To give you a future and a hope.

Jeremias 29:11

Do not toil to get wealth, of thine own understanding, forbear:

Provérbios 23:4

Surely My Lord Yahweh, will do, nothing,except he have disclosed his secret unto his servants, the prophets!

Amós 3:7

Let me hear, in the morning, thy lovingkindness, for, in thee, have, I trusted,Let me know the way in which I should walk, for, unto thee, have I uplifted my soul.

Salmos 143:8

Plans, are frustrated, for lack of consultation, but, by the multitude of counsellors, shall counsel, be established.

Provérbios 15:22

For, who from among you, wishing to build a tower, doth not first sit down and count the cost,whether he hath sufficient for completion;

Lucas 14:28

A mans heart, deviseth his way, but, Yahweh, directeth his steps.

Provérbios 16:9

For, higher, are the heavens than the earth,So, higher, are My ways than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.

Isaías 55:9

Do not thou envy the man of violence, neither choose thou any of his ways;

For, an abomination to Yahweh, is the tortuous man, but, with the upright, he is intimate.

Provérbios 3:31,32

Even this, from Yahweh of hosts, cometh forth,Who hath bestowed distinction upon counsel, And magnified sound wisdom.

Isaías 28:29

Unto us, in fact, hath God revealed through the Spirit; for, the Spirit, into all things, maketh search, yea! the deep things of God.

1 Coríntios 2:10

Roll, upon Yahweh, thy doings, that thy plans, may be established.

Provérbios 16:3