Gravidez e Maternidade

I have might, for all things, in him that empowereth me.

Filipenses 4:13

Incline unto me, thine ear, Speedily rescue me,Become to me a Rock of refuge, a Place of security, For saving me.

Salmos 31:2

Blessed shalt thou be beyond all the peoples,there shall not be in thee a barren male or female, nor among thy cattle;

Deuteronômio 7:14

But the sons of Israel, were fruitful and swarmed and multiplied and waxed mighty, with exceeding vigour,so that the land was filled with them.

Êxodo 1:7

From the end of the earth, unto thee do I cry, When my heart fainteth away, Unto a rock that is higher than I, wilt thou lead me.

Salmos 61:2

Mighty in the earth, shall be his seed, The generation of the upright, shall be blessed;

Salmos 112:2

And at once he said unto meSufficient for thee, is my favour, for, my power, in weakness, is made complete. Most gladly, therefore, will I rather boast in my weaknesses, that the power of Christ may spread a tent over me.

2 Coríntios 12:9

She shall be saved, however, through means of the child-bearing,if they abide in faith, and love, and holiness, with sobermindedness. Faithful, the saying.

1 Timóteo 2:15

Be pleased, O Yahweh, to rescue me, O Yahweh! to help me, make haste!

Salmos 40:13

Causing the barren woman to dwell in household, A mother of sons in her joy! Praise ye Yah.

Salmos 113:9

Did not he who, in the womb, made me, make him? And is not he who formed us in the body one?

Jó 31:15

They shall not labour in vain, Nor have children for terror,For the seed of the blessed ones of Yahweh, shall they be, And their offspring, with them.

Isaías 65:23

By faith, even Sarah herself, received power for founding a seed, even beyond the season of lifes prime,seeing that, faithful, she reckoned, him that had promised;

Hebreus 11:11

Call upon me, then, in the day of distress, I will deliver thee, that thou mayest glorify me.

Salmos 50:15

For he hath strengthened the bars of thy gates, He hath blessed thy children in thy midst:

Salmos 147:13

For, thou, didst possess thyself of my reins, thou didst weave me together in the womb of my mother.

Salmos 139:13

Because, on me, he hath set firm his love, Therefore will I deliver him, I will set him on high, Because he hath known my Name;

Salmos 91:14

29 Giving to him that fainteth, strength, And to him that hath no vigour, he causeth, power to abound?

30 Youths both faint and grow weary, And, young warriorsthey fall, they fall;

31 But, they who wait for Yahweh, shall renew their strength, They shall mount on strong pinion like eagles,They shall run and not grew weary, They shall walk and not faint.

Isaías 40:29-31

And, happy, is she who hath believed, that there shall be a perfecting of the things which have been spoken to her from the Lord!

Lucas 1:45

Hand to hand, the wicked man shall not be held innocent, but, the seed of the righteous, hath been delivered.

Provérbios 11:21

Before I formed thee at thy birth, I took knowledge of thee, And before thy nativity, I hallowed thee,A prophet to the nations, I appointed thee.

Jeremias 1:5

Lo! an inheritance from Yahweh, are children, A reward, the fruit of the womb:

Salmos 127:3

For I will pour, Water upon the thirsty soil, and Floods upon the dry ground,I will pour My spirit upon thy seed, and My blessing upon thine offspring;

So will they spring up among the grass, As willows by the water-courses:

Isaías 44:3,4

Trial, hath not taken you, save such as man can bear; faithful, moreover is God, who will not suffer you to be tried above what ye are able, but will make, with the trial, also the way of escape, that ye may be able to hold out.

1 Coríntios 10:13

From the GOD of thy father who doth help thee And GOD Almighty who doth bless thee, Blessings of the heavens, above, Blessings of the abyss, couching beneath,Blessings of breasts and womb:

Gênesis 49:25

Before she travaileth, she hath brought forth,Before her pains come to her, she hath given birth to a man-child!

Could, I, bring to the birth and not cause to bring forth? saith Yahweh. Or, I, be causing to bring forth and then prevent? Saith thy God.

Isaías 66:7,9

The messenger of Yahweh encampeth around them who revere him, Thus hath he delivered them.

Salmos 34:7

Like a shepherd, his flock, will he tend, In his own arm, will he take up the lambs, And in his own bosom, will he carry

Isaías 40:11

And brought me out, into a large place, he delivered me, because he delighted in me.

Salmos 18:19

But, I, being oppressed and needy, May My Lord devise for me,My help and my deliverer, thou art! O my God, do not tarry!

Salmos 40:17

And, in doing that which is honourable, let us not be fainthearted; for, in due season, we shall reap, if we faint not.

Gálatas 6:9

A woman, as soon as she is about to bring forth, hath, grief, because her hour hath come; but, as soon as she hath given birth to the child, no longer, remembereth she the anguish, by reason of the joy, that a human being into the world hath been born.

João 16:21