For the rest, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are dignified, whatsoever things are righteous, whatsoever things are chaste, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report,if there be any virtue, and if any praise, the same, be taking into account;

Filipenses 4:8

But, I, the truth, am telling youIt is profitable for you, that, I, depart; for, if I should not depart, The Advocate, would in nowise come unto you, but, if I go, I will send him unto you.

João 16:7

And, the Word, became, flesh, and pitched his tent among us, and we gazed upon his glory,a glory, as an Only-begotten from his Father. Full of favour and truth.

João 1:14

Jesus saith unto himI, am the way, and the truth, and the life: No one, cometh unto the Father, but through me.

João 14:6

The lips of the righteous, know what is pleasing, but, the mouth of the lawless,

Provérbios 10:32

Jesus was saying, therefore, unto the Jews who had believed on himIf, ye, abide in my word, of a truth, my disciples, ye are;

And ye shall know the truth, and, the truth, shall make you free.

João 8:31,32

Dear children! Let us not be loving in word, nor yet with the tongue, but in deed and truth.

1 João 3:18

Give diligence, thyself, approved, to present unto God,a workman not to be put to shame, skillfully handling the word of truth.

2 Timóteo 2:15

He that walketh without blame, and doeth what is right, and speaketh truth with his heart;

Hath not carried slander on his tongue, hath not done his friend a wrong, nor, a reproach, taken up against his neighbour;

Salmos 15:2,3

Remove from thee, perverseness of mouth, and, craftiness of lips, put far from thee.

Provérbios 4:24

Every saying of God is refined, A shield, is, he, to them who seek refuge in him.

Provérbios 30:5

Because he was so minded, he hath brought us forth with a word of truth, to the end we should be a sort of firstfruit of his creatures

Tiago 1:18

The way of faithfulness, have I chosen, Thy regulations, have I deemed right.

Salmos 119:30

We know, moreover, that, the Son of God, hath come, and hath given us insight, so that we are getting to understand, him that is Real,and we are in him that is Real, in his Son Jesus Christ. This, is the Real God, and life age-abiding.

1 João 5:20

Keep thy tongue from wickedness, And thy lips from speaking deceit:

Salmos 34:13

If we sayWe have, fellowship, with him! and, in darkness, are walking, we are dealing falsely, and not doing the truth;

1 João 1:6

I have no, greater, favour than these things, that I should be hearing that, my own children, in the truth, are walking.

3 João 1:4

God is, spirit; and, they that worship him, in spirit and truth, must needs worship.

João 4:24

But faith is, of things hoped for, a confidence, of facts, a conviction, when they are not seen;

Hebreus 11:1

But, before all things, my brethren, do not swear,either by heaven, or by the earth, or by any other oath; but let your Yea be yea, and your Nay nay,lest, under judgment, ye fall.

Tiago 5:12

But, pursuing truthmay, in love, grow into him in all things,who is the head, Christ,

Efésios 4:15

And, as for you, the anointing which ye have received from him, abideth in you, and ye have, no need, that anyone be teaching you; but, as, his anointing, is teaching you, and is, true, and is no falsehood, even just as it hath taught you, abide ye in him.

1 João 2:27

Guide me into thy truth and teach me, for, thou, art my delivering God, For thee, have I waited all the day:

Salmos 25:5

For right is the word of Yahweh, and, all his wok, is in faithfulness:

Salmos 33:4

Whensoever the Advocate shall come, Whom, I, will send unto you from the Father, The Spirit of truth, which, from the Father, cometh forth, He, will bear witness concerning me;

João 15:26