1 Crônicas 15

1 And he made to hym housis in the citee of Dauid, and he bildide `a place to the arke of the Lord, and araiede a tabernacle to it.

2 Thanne Dauid seide, It is vnleueful, that the arke of God be borun of `ony thing no but of the dekenes, whiche the Lord chees to bere it, and `for to mynystre to hym `til in to with outen ende.

3 And he gaderide togidere al Israel in to Jerusalem, that the arke of God schulde be brouyt in to `his place, which he hadde maad redy to it;

4 also and he gaderide togidere the sones of Aaron, and the dekenes;

5 of the sones of Caath Vriel was prince, and hise britheren two hundrid and twenti;

6 of the sones of Merari Asaya was prince, and hise britheren two hundrid and thritti;

7 of the sones of Gerson the prince was Johel, and hise britheren an hundrid and thretti;

8 of the sones of Elisaphan Semei was prynce, and hise britheren two hundrid;

9 of the sones of Ebroun Heliel was prince, and hise britheren foure score;

10 of the sones of Oziel Amynadab was prince, and hise britheren an hundrid and twelue.

11 And Dauid clepide Sadoch and Abiathar preestis, and the dekenes Vriel, Asaie, Johel, Semeie, Eliel, and Amynadab; and seide to hem,

12 Ye that ben princes of the meynees of Leuy, be halewid with youre britheren, and brynge ye the arke of the Lord God of Israel to the place, which is maad redi to it;

13 lest, as at the bigynnyng, for ye weren not present, the Lord smoot vs, and now it be don, if we don ony vnleueful thing.

14 Therfor the preestis and dekenes weren halewid, that thei schulden bere the arke of the Lord God of Israel.

15 And the sones of Leuy token the arke of God with barris on her schuldris, as Moises comaundide bi the word of the Lord.

16 And Dauid seide to the princes of dekenes, that thei schulden ordeyne of her britheren syngeris in orguns of musikis, that is, in giternes, and harpis, and symbalis; that the sown of gladnesse schulde sowne an hiy.

17 And thei ordeyneden dekenes, Heman, the sone of Johel, and of hise britheren, Asaph, the sone of Barachie; sotheli of the sones of Merary, britheren of hem, thei ordeyneden Ethan,

18 the sone of Casaye, and the britheren of hem with hem; in the secunde ordre `thei ordeyneden Zacarie, and Ben, and Jazihel, and Semyramoth, and Jahiel, `and Am, Heliab, and Benaye, and Maasie, and Mathathie, and Eliphalu, and Mathenye, and Obededon, and Jehiel, porteris;

19 forsothe `thei ordeyneden the syngeris Eman, Asaph, and Ethan, sownynge in brasun cymbalis;

20 sotheli Zacarie, and Oziel, and Semyramoth, and Jahihel, and Ham, and Eliab, and Maasie, and Banaie, sungun pryuetees in giternes; forsothe Mathathie,

21 and Eliphalu, and Mathenye, and Obededom, and Jehiel, and Ozazym, sungen in harpis for the eiytithe, and epynychion, `that is, victorie `be to God ouercomere;

22 forsothe Chinonye, the prince of dekenes, and of profecie, was souereyn to biforsynge melodie, for he was ful wijs;

23 and Barachie, and Elchana, weren porters of the arke; forsothe Sebenye,

24 and Josaphath, and Mathanael, and Amasaye, and Zacarie, and Banaye, and Eliezer, preestis, sowneden with trumpis bifor the arke of the Lord; and Obededom, and Achymaas, weren porteris of the arke.

25 Therfor Dauid, and the grettere men in birthe of Israel, and the tribunes, yeden to brynge the arke of boond of pees of the Lord fro the hows of Obededom with gladnesse.

26 And whanne God hadde helpid the dekenes that baren the arke of boond of pees of the Lord, seuene bolis and seuene rammes weren offrid.

27 Forsothe Dauid was clothid with a white stole, and alle the dekenes that baren the arke, and the syngeris, and Chononye, the prince of profecie among syngeris, weren clothid in white stolis; forsothe also Dauid was clothid with a lynun surplijs.

28 And al Israel ledden forth the arke of boond of pees of the Lord, and sowneden in ioiful song, and in sown of clariouns, and in trumpis, and cymbalis, and giternis, and harpis.

29 And whanne the arke of boond of pees of the Lord hadde come to the citee of Dauid, Mychol, the douytir of Saul, bihelde forth bi a wyndowe, and sche siy king Dauyd daunsynge and pleiynge; and sche dispiside hym in hir herte.