2 Coríntios 6

1 But we helpynge monesten, that ye resseyuen not the grace of God in veyn.

2 For he seith, In tyme wel plesinge Y haue herd thee, and in the dai of heelthe Y haue helpid thee. Lo! now a tyme acceptable, lo! now a dai of heelthe.

3 Yyue we to no man ony offencioun, that oure seruyce be not repreued;

4 but in alle thingis yyue we vs silf as the mynystris of God, in myche pacience, in tribulaciouns,

5 in nedis, in angwischis, in betyngis, in prisouns, in dissensiouns with ynne, in trauels, in wakyngis, in fastyngis,

6 in chastite, in kunnyng, in long abiding, in swetnesse, in the Hooli Goost,

7 in charite not feined, in the word of treuthe, in the vertu of God; bi armeris of riytwisnesse on the riythalf and on the lefthalf;

8 bi glorie and vnnoblei; bi yuel fame and good fame; as disseyueris, and trewe men; as thei that ben vnknowun, and knowun;

9 as men diynge, and lo! we lyuen; as chastisid, and not maad deed;

10 as sorewful, euere more ioiynge; as hauynge nede, but makynge many men riche; as no thing hauynge, and weldynge alle thingis.

11 A! ye Corynthies, oure mouth is open to you, oure herte is alargid;

12 ye ben not angwischid in vs, but ye ben anguischid in youre inwardnessis.

13 And Y seie as to sones, ye that han the same reward, be ye alargid.

14 Nyle ye bere the yok with vnfeithful men. For what parting of riytwisnes with wickidnesse? or what felouschipe of liyt to derknessis?

15 and what acording of Crist to Belial? or what part of a feithful with the vnfeithful?

16 and what consent to the temple of God with mawmetis? And ye ben the temple of the lyuynge God, as the Lord seith, For Y schal dwelle in hem, and Y schal walke among hem; and Y schal be God of hem, and thei schulen be a puple to me.

17 For which thing go ye out of the myddil of hem, and be ye departid, seith the Lord, and touche ye not vnclene thing;

18 and Y schal resseyue you, and schal be to you in to a fadir, and ye schulen be to me in to sones and douytris, seith the Lord almyyti.