2 Timóteo 3

1 But wite thou this thing, that in the laste daies perelouse tymes schulen neiye, and men schulen be louynge hem silf,

2 coueitouse, hiy of bering, proude, blasfemeris, not obedient to fadir and modir, vnkynde,

3 cursid, with outen affeccioun, with out pees, false blameris, vncontynent, vnmylde,

4 with out benygnyte, traitouris, ouerthwert, bollun with proude thouytis, blynde, loueris of lustis more than of God,

5 hauynge the licknesse of pitee, but denyynge the vertu of it. And eschewe thou these men.

6 Of these thei ben that persen housis, and leden wymmen caitifs chargid with synnes, whiche ben led with dyuerse desiris, euere more lernynge,

7 and neuere perfitli comynge to the science of treuthe.

8 And as Jannes and Mambres ayenstoden Moises, so these ayenstonden treuthe, men corrupt in vndirstonding, repreuyd aboute the feith.

9 But ferthere thei schulen not profite, for the vnwisdom of hem schal be knowun to alle men, as hern was.

10 But thou hast getun my teching, ordinaunce, purposing, feith, long abiding, loue,

11 pacience, persecuciouns, passiouns, whiche weren maad to me at Antioche, at Ycony, at Listris, what maner persecucyouns Y suffride, and the Lord hath delyuered me of alle.

12 And alle men that wolen lyue feithfuli in Crist Jhesu, schulen suffre persecucioun.

13 But yuele men and disseyueris schulen encreese in to worse, errynge, and sendinge in to errour.

14 But dwelle thou in these thingis that thou hast lerud, and that ben bitakun to thee, witinge of whom thou hast lerud;

15 for thou hast knowun hooli lettris fro thi youthe, whiche moun lerne thee to heelthe, bi feith that is in Crist Jhesu.

16 For al scripture inspirid of God is profitable to teche, to repreue, to chastice, to lerne in riytwisnes, that the man of God be parfit, lerud to al good werk.