Apocalipse 15

1 And Y say another signe in heuene, greet and wondurful; seuene aungels hauynge `seuene the laste veniauncis, for the wraththe of God is endid in hem.

2 And Y say as a glasun see meynd with fier, and hem that ouercamen the beeste, and his ymage, and the noumbre of his name, stondynge aboue the glasun see, hauynge the harpis of God;

3 and syngynge the song of Moises, the seruaunt of God, and the song of the lomb, and seiden, Grete and wondurful ben thi werkis, Lord God almyyti; thi weies ben iust and trewe, Lord, kyng of worldis.

4 Lord, who schal not drede thee, and magnyfie thi name? for thou aloone art merciful; for alle folkis schulen come, and worschipe in thi siyt, for thi domes ben open.

5 And aftir these thingis Y say, and lo! the temple of the tabernacle of witnessyng was opened in heuene;

6 and seuene aungels hauynge seuene plagis, wenten out of the temple, and weren clothid with a stoon clene and white, and weren bifor gird with goldun girdlis about the brestis.

7 And oon of the foure beestis yaf to the seuene aungels seuene goldun viols, ful of the wraththe of God, that lyueth in to worldis of worldis.

8 And the temple was fillid with smooke of the majestee of God, and of the vertu of hym; and no man myyte entre in to the temple, til the seuene plagis of seuene angels weren endid.