Eclesiastes 6

1 Also another yuel is, which Y siy vndur the sunne; and certis it is oft vsid anentis men.

2 A man is, to whom God yaf richessis, and catel, and onour; and no thing failith to his soule of alle thingis which he desirith; and God yyueth not power to hym, that he ete therof, but a straunge man shal deuoure it. This is vanyte, and a greet wretchidnesse.

3 If a man gendrith an hundrid fre sones, and lyueth many yeris, and hath many daies of age, and his soule vsith not the goodis of his catel, and wantith biriyng; Y pronounce of this man, that a deed borun child is betere than he.

4 For he cometh in veyn, and goith to derknessis; and his name schal be don a wei bi foryetyng.

5 He siy not the sunne, nether knew dyuersyte of good and of yuel;

6 also thouy he lyueth twei thousynde yeeris, and vsith not goodis; whether alle thingis hasten not to o place?

7 Al the trauel of a man is in his mouth, but the soule of hym schal not be fillid with goodis.

8 What hath a wijs man more than a fool? and what hath a pore man, no but that he go thidur, where is lijf?

9 It is betere to se that, that thou coueitist, than to desire that, that thou knowist not; but also this is vanyte, and presumpcioun of spirit.

10 The name of hym that schal come, is clepid now, and it is knowun, that he is a man, and he mai not stryue in doom ayens a strongere than hym silf.

11 Wordis ben ful manye, and han myche vanyte in dispuytinge.