João 16

1 These thingis Y haue spokun to you, that ye be not sclaundrid.

2 Thei schulen make you with outen the synagogis, but the our cometh, that ech man that sleeth you, deme that he doith seruyce to God.

3 And thei schulen do to you these thingis, for thei han not knowun the fadir, nether me.

4 But these thingis Y spak to you, that whanne the our `of hem schal come, ye haue mynde, that Y seide to you.

5 Y seide not to you these thingis fro the bigynnyng, for Y was with you. And now Y go to hym that sente me, and no man of you axith me, Whidur `thou goist?

6 but for Y haue spokun to you these thingis, heuynesse hath fulfillid youre herte.

7 But Y seie to you treuthe, it spedith to you, that Y go; for if Y go not forth, the coumfortour schal not come to you; but if Y go forth, Y schal sende hym to you.

8 And whanne he cometh, he schal repreue the world of synne, and of riytwisnesse, and of doom.

9 Of synne, for thei han not bileued in me;

10 and of riytwisnesse, for Y go to the fadir, and now ye schulen not se me;

11 but of doom, for the prince of this world is now demed.

12 Yit Y haue many thingis for to seie to you, but ye moun not bere hem now.

13 But whanne thilke spirit of treuthe cometh, he schal teche you al trewthe; for he schal not speke of hym silf, but what euer thinges he schal here, he schal speke; and he schal telle to you tho thingis that ben to come.

14 He schal clarifie me, for of myne he schal take, and schal telle to you.

15 Alle thingis `whiche euer the fadir hath, ben myne; therfor Y seide to you, for of myne he schal take, and schal telle to you.

16 A litil, and thanne ye schulen not se me; and eftsoone a litil, and ye schulen se me, for Y go to the fadir.

17 Therfor summe of hise disciplis seiden togidere, What is this thing that he seith to vs, A litil, and ye schulen not se me; and eftsoone a litil, and ye schulen se me, for Y go to the fadir?

18 Therfor thei seiden, What is this that he seith to vs, A litil? we witen not what he spekith.

19 And Jhesus knew, that thei wolden axe hym, and he seide to hem, Of this thing ye seken among you, for Y seide, A litil, and ye schulen not se me; and eftsoone a litil, and ye schulen se me.

20 Treuli, treuli, Y seie to you, that ye schulen mourne and wepe, but the world schal haue ioye; and ye schulen be soreuful, but youre sorewe schal turne in to ioye.

21 A womman whanne sche berith child, hath heuynesse, for hir tyme is comun; but whanne sche hath borun a sone, now sche thenkith not on the peyne, for ioye, for a man is borun in to the world.

22 And therfor ye han now sorew, but eftsoone Y schal se you, and youre herte schal haue ioie, and no man schal take fro you youre ioie.

23 And in that day ye schulen not axe me ony thing; treuli, treuli, `Y seie to you, if ye axen the fadir ony thing in my name, he schal yyue to you.

24 `Til now ye axiden no thing in my name; `axe ye, `and ye schulen take, that youre ioie be ful.

25 Y haue spokun to you these thingis in prouerbis; the our cometh, whanne now Y schal not speke to you in prouerbis, but opynli of my fadir Y schal telle to you.

26 In that dai ye schulen axe in my name; and Y seie not to you, that Y schal preye the fadir of you;

27 for the fadir hym silf loueth you, for ye han loued me, and han bileued, that Y wente out fro God.

28 Y wente out fro the fadir, and Y cam in to the world; eftsoone Y leeue the world, and Y go to the fadir.

29 Hise disciplis seiden to hym, Lo! now thou spekist opynli, and thou seist no prouerbe.

30 Now we witen, that thou wost alle thingis; and it is not nede to thee, that ony man axe thee. In this thing we bileuen, that thou wentist out fro God.

31 Jhesus answeride to hem, Now ye bileuen.

32 Lo! the our cometh, and now it cometh, that ye be disparplid, ech in to hise owne thingis, and that ye leeue me aloone; and Y am not aloone, for the fadir is with me.

33 These thingis Y haue spokun to you, that ye haue pees in me; in the world ye schulen haue disese, but trust ye, Y haue ouercomun the world.