Josué 18

1 And alle the sones of Israel weren gaderid in Silo, and there thei `settiden faste the tabernacle of witnessing; and the lond was suget to hem.

2 Sotheli seuene linagis of the sones of Israel dwelliden, that hadden not yit takun her possessiouns.

3 To whiche Josue seide, Hou longe faden ye `bi cowardise, `ethir slouthe, and entren not to welde the lond, which the Lord God of youre fadris yaf to you?

4 Chese ye of ech lynage thre men, that Y sende hem, and thei go, and cumpasse the lond; and that thei discryue `the lond bi the noumbre of ech multitude, and brynge to me that, that ye han discriued.

5 Departe ye the lond to you in to seuene partis; Judas be in hise termes at the south coost, and `the hows of Joseph at the north;

6 discryue ye `the myddil lond bitwixe hem in to seuene partis; and thanne ye schulen come to me, that Y sende lot to you here bifor youre Lord God;

7 for the part of Leuytis is not among you, but the preesthod of the Lord, this is the eritage `of hem. Forsothe Gad, and Ruben, and the half lynage of Manasses hadden take now her possessiouns ouer Jordan, at the eest coost, whiche possessiouns Moises, the `seruaunt of the Lord, yaf to hem.

8 And whanne the men hadden rise to go, to discryue the lond, Josue comaundide to hem, and seide, Cumpasse ye the lond, and discryue it, and turne ayen to me, that Y sende lot to you here in Silo, bifore youre Lord God.

9 And so thei yeden, and cumpassiden that lond, and departiden `in to seuene partis, writynge in a book; and thei turneden ayen to Josue, in to the castels in Silo.

10 Which Josue sente lottis bifor the Lord God in Silo, and departide the lond to the sones of Israel, in to seuene partis.

11 And the firste lot of the sones of Beniamyn, bi her meynees, stiede, that thei schulden welde the lond bitwixe the sones of Juda and the sones of Joseph.

12 And the terme of hem was ayens the north fro Jordan, and passide bi the side of Jerico of the north coost; and it stiede fro thennus ayens the west to the hilli places, and it cam to the wildirnesse of Bethauen;

13 and it passide bisidis Luza to the south; thilke is Bethel; and it goith doun in to Astoroth Adar, in to the hil which is at the south of lowere Betheron; and is bowid,

14 and cumpassith ayens the see, at the south of the hil that biholdith Betheron ayens the north; and the outgoyngis therof ben in to Cariathbaal, which is clepid also Cariathiarym, the citee of the sones of Juda; this is the greet coost ayens the see, at the west.

15 Sotheli fro the south, bi the part of Cariathiarym, the terme goith out ayens the see, and cometh til to the wel of watris of Nepthoa;

16 and it goith doun in to the part of the hil that biholdith the valei of the sones of Ennon, and is ayens the north coost, in the laste part of the valey of Raphaym; and Jehennon, that is, the valei of Ennon, goith doun bi the side of Jebusei, at the south, and cometh to the welle of Rogel,

17 and passith to the north, and goith out to Emsemes, that is, the welle of the sunne,

18 and passith to the litle hillis that ben ayens the stiyng of Adomyn; and it goith doun to Taben Boen, that is, the stoon of Boen, sone of Ruben, and passide bi the side of the north to the feeldi places; and it goith doun in to the pleyn,

19 and passith forth ayens the north to Bethagala; and the outgoyngis therof ben ayens the arm of the salteste see, fro the north, in the ende of Jordan at the south coost,

20 which is the terme therof fro the eest. This is the possessioun of the sones of Beniamyn, bi her termes in cumpas, and bi her meynees;

21 and the citees therof weren Jerico, and Bethagla, and the valei of Casis,

22 Betharacha, and Samaraym,

23 and Bethel, and Anym, and Affara,

24 and Offira, the toun of Hesmona, and Offym, and Gabee, twelue citees, and `the townes of tho;

25 Gabaon, and Rama,

26 and Beroth, and Mesphe, and Caphera, and Ammosa,

27 and Recem, Jarephel, and Tharela,

28 and Sela, Heleph, and Jebus, which is Jerusalem, Gabaath, and Cariath, fouretene citees and `the townes of tho; this is the possessioun of the sones of Beniamyn, bi her meynees.