Malaquias 4

1 For lo! a dai schal come, brennynge as a chymenei; and alle proude men, and alle doynge vnpitee schulen be stobul; and the dai comynge schal enflaume hem, seith the Lord of oostis, which schal not leeue to hem rote and buriownyng.

2 And to you dredynge my name the sunne of riytwisnesse schal rise, and heelthe in pennys of hym; and ye schulen go out, and schulen skippe, as a calf of the droue.

3 And ye schulen to-trede vnpitouse men, whanne thei schulen be aische vndur the soole of youre feet, in the dai in which Y do, seith the Lord of oostis.

4 Bithenke ye on the lawe of my seruaunt Moises, which Y comaundide to hym in Oreb, to al Israel comaundementis and domes.

5 Lo! Y schal sende to you Elie, the profete, bifore that the greet dai and orible of the Lord come.

6 And he schal conuerte the herte of fadris to sones, and the herte of sones to fadris of hem, lest perauenture Y come, and smyte the erthe with curs.