Neemias 11

1 Forsothe the princis of the puple dwelliden in Jerusalem; the principal men dwelliden in the myddis of the puple with out lot; but the residue puple sente lot, for to take o part of ten, `whiche schulden dwelle in Jerusalem, in the hooli citee; the tenthe part of the puple is chosun for to dwelle in Jerusalem, for the citee was voide; forsothe the nyne partis dwelliden in citees.

2 Forsothe the puple blesside alle men, that profriden hem silf bi fre wille to dwelle in Jerusalem.

3 And so these ben the princes of prouynce, that dwelliden in Jerusalem, and in the citees of Juda; sothely ech man dwellide in his possessioun, in her citees of Israel, prestis, dekenes, Nathynneis, and the sones of the seruauntis of Salomon.

4 And men of the sones of Juda, and of the sones of Beniamyn dwelliden in Jerusalem; of the sones of Juda, Athaie, the sone of Aziam, sone of Zacarie, sone of Amarie, sone of Saphie, sone of Malaleel;

5 of the sones of Phares, Amasie, the sone of Baruch, the sone of Colozay, the sone of Azie, the sone of Adaie, the sone of Jozarib, the sone of Zacarie, the sone of Salonytes; alle the sones of Phares,

6 that dwelliden in Jerusalem, weren foure hundrid eiyte and sixti, stronge men.

7 Sotheli these ben the sones of Beniamyn; Sellum, the sone of Mosollam, the sone of Joedi, the sone of Sadaie, the sone of Colaie, the sone of Masie, the sone of Ethel, the sone of Saie;

8 and aftir hym Gabai, Sellai, nynti and eiyte and twenti; and Johel, the sone of Zechri, was the souereyn of hem, and Judas, the sone of Semyna, was the secounde man on the citee.

10 And of prestis; Idaie,

11 sone of Joarib, Jachyn, Saraie, the sone of Helchie, the sone of Mossollam, the sone of Sadoch, the sone of Meraioth, the sone of Achitob, `the princis of `Goddis hows,

12 and her britheren, makynge the werkis of the temple, weren eiyte hundrid and two and twenti. And Adaie, the sone of Jeroam, the sone of Pheler, the sone of Amsi, the sone of Zacarie, the sone of Phessur,

13 the sone of Melchie, and the britheren of hem, the princes of fadris, weren two hundrid and two and fourti. And Amasie, the sone of Azrihel, the sone of Azi, the sone of Mosollamoth, the sone of Semyner,

14 and her britheren, ful myyti men, weren an hundrid and eiyte and twenti; and the souereyn of hem was Zebdiel, the sone of myyty men.

15 And of dekenes; Sechenye, the sone of Azab, the sone of Azarie, the sone of Azabie, the sone of Bone, and Sabathai;

16 and Jozabed was ordened of the princes of dekenes, on alle the werkis that weren with out forth in Goddis hows.

17 And Mathanye, the sone of Mycha, the sone of Zebdai, the sone of Asaph, was prince, to herie and to knowleche in preier; and Bethechie was the secounde of hise britheren, and Abdie, the sone of Sammya, the sone of Galal, the sone of Iditum.

18 Alle the dekenes in the hooli citee, weren two hundrid and foure score and foure.

19 And the porteris, Accub, Thelmon, and the britheren of hem, that kepten the doris, weren an hundrid `and two and seuenti.

20 And othere men of Israel, prestis, and dekenes, in alle the citees of Juda, ech man in his possessioun.

21 And Natynneis, that dwelliden in Ophel, and Siacha, and Gaspha; of Natynneis.

22 And bischopis of dekenes in Jerusalem; Azi, the sone of Bany, the sone of Asabie, the sone of Mathanye, the sone of Mychee. Of the sones of Asaph, syngeris in the seruyce of Goddis hows.

23 For the comaundement of the kyng was on hem, and ordre was in syngeris bi alle daies;

24 and Aphataie, the sone of Mosezehel, of the sones of Zara, sone of Juda, in the hond of the kyng, bi ech word of the puple;

25 and in the housis bi alle the cuntreis of hem. Of the sones of Juda dwelliden in Cariatharbe, and in the vilagis therof, and in Dibon, and in the vilagis therof, and in Capseel, and in the townes therof;

26 and in Jesue, and in Molada, and in Bethpheleth,

27 and in Asersual, and in Bersabee, and in the vilagis therof;

28 and in Sicheleg, and in Mochone, and in the vilagis therof;

29 and in Remmon, and in Sara,

30 and in Jerymuth, Zonocha, Odollam, and in the townes `of tho; in Lachis, and in the cuntreis therof; in Azecha and the vilagis therof; and thei dwelliden in Bersabee `til to the valei of Ennon.

31 Forsothe the sones of Beniamyn dwelliden in Areba, Mechynas, and Aia, and Bethel and vilagis therof;

32 in Anatoth, Nob, Ananya,

33 Asor, Rama, Jethaym,

34 Adid, Soboym,

35 Nebollaloth, and in Onam, the valei of crafti men.

36 And of dekenes, `the porciouns of Juda and of Beniamyn.