Romanos 14

1 But take ye a sijk man in bileue, not in demyngis of thouytis.

2 For another man leueth, that he mai ete alle thingis; but he that is sijk, ete wortis.

3 He that etith, dispise not hym that etith not; and he that etith not, deme not hym that etith. For God hath take him to hym.

4 Who art thou, that demest anothris seruaunt? To his lord he stondith, or fallith fro hym. But he schal stonde; for the Lord is myyti to make hym parfit.

5 For whi oon demeth a day bitwixe a dai, another demeth ech dai.

6 Ech man encrees in his wit. He that vnderstondith the dai, vnderstondith to the Lord. And he that etith, etith to the Lord, for he doith thankyngis to God. And he that etith not, etith not to the Lord, and doith thankyngis to God.

7 For no man of vs lyueth to hymsilf, and no man dieth to hymself.

8 For whether we lyuen, we lyuen to the Lord; and whethir we dien, we dien to the Lord. Therfor whethir we lyuen or dien, we ben of the Lord.

9 For whi for this thing Crist was deed, and roos ayen, that he be Lord bothe of quyke and of deed men.

10 But what demest thou thi brothir? or whi dispisist thou thi brothir? for alle we schulen stonde bifore the trone of Crist.

11 For it is writun, Y lyue, seith the Lord, for to me ech kne schal be bowid, and ech tunge schal knouleche to God.

12 Therfor ech of vs schal yelde resoun to God for hym silf.

13 Therfor `no more deme we ech other; but more deme ye this thing, that ye putte not hirtyng, or sclaundre, to a brothir.

14 I woot and triste in the Lord Jhesu, that no thing is vnclene bi hym, no but to him that demeth ony thing to be vnclene, to him it is vnclene.

15 And if thi brother be maad sori in conscience for mete, now thou walkist not aftir charite. Nyle thou thorouy thi mete lese hym, for whom Crist diede.

16 Therfor be not oure good thing blasfemed.

17 For whi the rewme of God is not mete and drynk, but riytwisnesse and pees and ioye in the Hooli Goost.

18 And he that in this thing serueth Crist, plesith God, and is proued to men.

19 Therfor sue we tho thingis that ben of pees, and kepe we togidere `tho thingis that ben of edificacioun.

20 Nyle thou for mete distrie the werk of God. For alle thingis ben clene, but it is yuel to the man that etith bi offendyng.

21 It is good to not ete fleisch, and to not drynke wyn, nethir in what thing thi brother offendith, or is sclaundrid, or is maad sijk.

22 Thou hast feith anentis thi silf, haue thou bifore God. Blessid is he that demeth not hym silf in that thing that he preueth.

23 For he that demeth, is dampned, if he etith; for it is not of feith. And al thing that is not of feith, is synne.