Salmos 81

1 To the chief music-maker; put to the Gittith. Of Asaph.

2 \81:1\Make a song to God our strength: make a glad cry to the God of Jacob.

3 \81:2\Take up the melody, playing on an instrument of music, even on corded instruments.

4 \81:3\Let the horn be sounded in the time of the new moon, at the full moon, on our holy feast-day:

5 \81:4\For this is a rule for Israel, and a law of the God of Jacob.

6 \81:5\He gave it to Joseph as a witness, when he went out over the land of Egypt; then the words of a strange tongue were sounding in my ears.

7 \81:6\I took the weight from his back; his hands were made free from the baskets.

8 \81:7\You gave a cry in your trouble, and I made you free; I gave you an answer in the secret place of the thunder; I put you to the test at the waters of Meribah. (Selah.)

9 \81:8\Give ear, O my people, and I will give you my word, O Israel, if you will only do as I say!

10 \81:9\There is to be no strange god among you; you are not to give worship to any other god.

11 \81:10\I am the Lord your God, who took you up from the land of Egypt: let your mouth be open wide, so that I may give you food.

12 \81:11\But my people did not give ear to my voice; Israel would have nothing to do with me.

13 \81:12\So I gave them up to the desires of their hearts; that they might go after their evil purposes.

14 \81:13\If only my people would give ear to me, walking in my ways!

15 \81:14\I would quickly overcome their haters: my hand would be turned against those who make war on them.

16 \81:15\The haters of the Lord would be broken, and their destruction would be eternal.

17 \81:16\I would give them the best grain for food; you would be full of honey from the rock.