2 Tessalonicenses 3

1 The remainder, pray you, brethren, for of us, that the word of the Lord may run and may be glorified, as even among you,

2 and that we may be delivered from the out of place and evil men; not for of all the faith.

3 Faithful but is the Lord, who will establish you and will guard from the evil one.

4 We have confidence but in Lord concerning you, because the things we announce to you, both you do and will do.

5 The but Lord may direct of you the hearts into the love of the God, and into the patience of the Anointed.

6 We give orders but to you, brethren, in name of the Lord of us of Jesus Anointed, to withdraw you from every brother disorderly walking, and not according to the tradition, which they received from us.

7 Yourselves for know, now it behooves to imitate us; because not we were disorderly among you,

8 neither gratuitously bread did we eat from any one, but in toil and weariness, night and day working, in order that not to burden any of you.

9 Not because not we have authority, but that ourselves a pattern we might give to you for the to imitate us.

10 Indeed for, when we were with you, this we announced to you, that if any one not wishes to work, neither let him eat.

11 We hear for some are walking, among you out of order, nothing working, but being above work.

12 To the now such like we command and we exhort through the Lord of us Jesus Anointed, that with quietness working the of themselves bread they may eat.

13 You but, brethren, not should be remiss doing well.

14 If but any one not hearkens to the word of us by means of the letter, him point you out; and not mix you together with him, so that he may be put to shame;

15 and not as an enemy regard you, but admonish you as a brother.

16 Himself but the Lord of the peace may give to you the peace always in every way; the Lord with all of you.

17 The salutation by the my hand of Paul, which is a sign in every letter, thus I write;

18 the favor of the Lord of us Jesus Anointed with all of you. So be it.