It happened but in the to be them there, were fulfilled the days of the to bear her.

And she brought forth the son of her the first–born, and swathed him, and laid him in the manger; because not was to them a place in the guest–chamber.

Lucas 2:6,7

Glory in highest heavens to God, and on earth peace; among men good will.

Lucas 2:14

And returned the shepherds glorifying and praising the God for all which they had heard and seen, even it had been told to them.

Lucas 2:20

that was born to you to–day a savior, who is Anointed, Lord, in a city of David.

Lucas 2:11

And said to them the messenger: Not fear you; lo for, I bring glad tidings to you a joy great, which shall be to all the people;

Lucas 2:10

Went up and also Joseph from the Galilee, out of city Nazareth, into the Judea, into a city of David, which is called Bethleem, (because the to be him of house and family of David,)

to be registered with Mary the having been espoused to him a wife, being with child.

Lucas 2:4,5

These but of him thinking on, lo a messenger of a Lord in a dream appeared to him, saying: Joseph, son of David, not thou shouldst fear to take Mary the wife of thee; that for in her being found, by a spirit is holy;

Mateus 1:20

she shall bear and a son, and thou shalt call the name of him Jesus; he for shall save the people of him from the sins of them;

Mateus 1:21

(This and all was done, so that might be fulfilled the word spoken by the Lord through the prophet, saying:

Lo, the virgin in womb shall have, and shall bear a son, and they shall call the name of him Emmanuel; which is being translated, with us a God.)

Mateus 1:22,23