A Nova Jerusalém

And a temple not I saw in her; the for Lord the God the almighty a temple of her is, and the lamb.

And the city not need has of the sun nor of the moon, so that they may shine in her; the for glory of the God enlightened her, and the lamp of her the lamb.

Apocalipse 21:22,23

10 And he bore away me in spirit to a mountain great and high, and he showed me the city the holy Jerusalem, coming down out of the heaven from the God,

11 having the glory of the God; the luminary of her like to a stone most precious, as to a stone jasper being crystalline,

12 having a wall great and high, having gates twelve, and at the gates messengers twelve, and names having been written, which is the twelve tribes of the sons of Israel.

13 From east, gates three; from North, gates three; from South gates three; from west, gates three.

14 And the wall of the city had foundations twelve, and on them, twelve names of the twelve apostles of the lamb.

Apocalipse 21:10-14

the but above Jerusalem, a free–woman is, who is a mother of us:

Gálatas 4:26

I come speedily; hold thou fast what thou hast, so that no one may have taken the crown of thee.

The one overcoming, I will make him a pillar in the temple of the God of me, and outside not not he may have gone out any more; and I will write on him the name of the God of me, and the name of the city of the God of me, of the new Jerusalem, that coming down out of the heaven from the God of me, and the name of me the new.

Apocalipse 3:11,12

22 but you have approached Zion a mountain; and to a city of God living, Jerusalem heavenly; and to myriads, of messengers an entire assembly;

23 and to a congregation of first–borns, having been enrolled in heavens; and to a judge God of all; and to spirits of just ones having been perfected;

24 and of a covenant new to a mediator, Jesus; and of blood of sprinkling, a better thing speaking than the Abel.

Hebreus 12:22-24

1 And he showed to me a river of water of life bright as a crystal, proceeding out of the throne of the God and of the lamb.

2 In midst of the broad place of her and of the river on this side and on that side a wood of life, bearing fruits twelve, according to month each one yielding the fruit of itself; and the leaves of the wood for healing of the nations.

3 And every curse not shall be longer; and the throne of the God of the lamb in her shall be; and the bond–servants of him shall publicly serve him;

4 and they shall see the face of him, and the name of him on the foreheads of them.

5 And night not shall be longer; and no need of lamp and of light of sun, because Lord the God will shine on them; and they shall reign for the ages of the ages.

Apocalipse 22:1-5

now but a better they long after, this is, heavenly. Therefore not is ashamed of them the God, a God to be called of them; he prepared for for them a city.

Hebreus 11:16

2 And the city the holy, Jerusalem new I saw coming down out of the heaven, from the God having been prepared as a bride having been adorned for the husband of herself.

3 And I heard a voice great out of the heaven, saying: Lo, the tabernacle of the God with the men, and will tabernacle with them, and they a people of him shall be, and himself the God with them will be, a God of them;

4 and he will wipe away every tear from the eyes of them, and the death not shall be longer; neither mourning nor crying nor pain not shall be longer; because the first things passed away.

Apocalipse 21:2-4

and if any one may take away from the words of the scroll of the prophecy this, will take the God the portion of him from the wood of the life, and out of the city the holy, of those having been written in the scroll this.

Apocalipse 22:19

1 Not let be troubled of you the heart; believe you into the God, and into me believe you.

2 In the house of the Father of me dwellings many are; if but not, I would have told you. I am going to prepare a place for you;

3 and if I should go, and should prepare for you a place, again I am coming, and will receive you to myself; so that where am I, also you may be.

João 14:1-3