Says to him the Jesus: I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, if not through me.

João 14:6

In the house of the Father of me dwellings many are; if but not, I would have told you. I am going to prepare a place for you;

João 14:2

Be you therefore compassionate, even as also the Father of you compassionate is.

Lucas 6:36

7 If discipline you endure, as with sons with you deals the God; any for is son, whom not disciplines a father?

8 If but without you are discipline, of which partakes have become all, certainly bastards you are and not sons.

9 Then those indeed of the flesh of us fathers we have disciplinarians, and we reverenced; not by much more shall we be submissive to the Father of the spirits, and we shall live?

10 They indeed for for a few days, according to that seeming right to them, disciplined; he but for that being profitable, in order that to partake of the holiness of him.

Hebreus 12:7-10

The for earnest desire of the creation the revelation of the sons of the God looks for.

Romanos 8:19

See you, what love has given to us the Father, so that children of God we should be called. On account of this the world not knows us, because not it knew him.

1 João 3:1

and what any thing you may ask in the name of me, this I will do; that may be glorified the Father in the son.

João 14:13

As many as but received him, he gave to them authority children of God to become, to those believing into the name of him;

João 1:12

I wrote to you, O fathers, because you have known him from a beginning. I wrote to you, O young men, because strong ones you are, and the word of the God in you abides, and you have overcome the evil one.

1 João 2:14

To the now God and Father of us the glory for the ages of the ages. So be it. Phillippians

Filipenses 4:20

You but not may be called rabbi; one for is of you the leader; all but you brethren are.

And father not you may call of you on the earth; one for is the Father of you, he in the heavens.

Mateus 23:8,9

Or thinkest thou, that not I am able now to entreat the Father of me, and will furnish to me more then twelve legions of messengers?

Mateus 26:53

Who indeed of the own son not spared, but on behalf of us all delivered up him; how not also with him the things all to us will he graciously give?

Romanos 8:32

God no one has seen ever; the only–begotten son, that being in the bosom of the Father, he has made known.

João 1:18

Every gift good, and every gift perfect, from above is coming down from of the Father of the lights, with whom not one change, or of turning a shade;

Tiago 1:17

Thou but, when thou prayest, enter into the retired place of thee, and locking the door of thee, pray thou to the Father of thee, to the in the secret; and the Father of thee, who seeing in the secret place, will give to thee in the clear–light.

Mateus 6:6

11 Which now of you the father shall ask the son bread, not a stone will give to him? or also a fish, not in place of a fish a serpent will give to him?

12 or also if he may ask an egg, not will give to him a scorpion?

13 If then you, evil being, know you gifts good to give to the children of you, how much more the Father that of heaven, will give a spirit holy to those asking him?

Lucas 11:11-13

and the fathers, not irritate you the children of you, but bring you up them in disciples and instruction of Lord.

Efésios 6:4

Not fear, the little flock; for it has pleased the Father of you to give to you the kingdom.

Lucas 12:32

He having the commandments of me, and keeping them, that is he loving me; he and loving me, shall be loved by the Father of me; and I will love him, and will manifest to him myself.

João 14:21

Not for you received a spirit of bondage back to fear, but you received a spirit of sonship, by which we cry: Abba, the Father.

Itself the spirit testifies together with the spirit of us, that we are children of God.

Romanos 8:15,16

Not do you love the world, not the things in the world. If any one should love the world, not is the love of the Father in him;

1 João 2:15

29 Not two sparrows an assarius are sold? and one of them not shall fall upon the earth without the Father of you.

30 Of you and even the hairs of the head all being numbered are.

31 Not therefore fear you; many sparrows are better you.

Mateus 10:29-31

1 The children, be you subject to the parents of you in Lord; this thing for is just. Ephesians

2 Honor the father of thee and the mother; (which is a commandment first, with a promise;)

3 that well with thee it may be, and thou mayest be long–lived on the land; Ephesians

4 and the fathers, not irritate you the children of you, but bring you up them in disciples and instruction of Lord.

Efésios 6:1-4

28 and I life age–lasting give to them, and not not they will perish into the age, and not will wrest any one them out of the hand of me.

29 The father of me, who has given to me, greater of all is; and no one is able to wrest out of the hand of the Father of me;

30 I and the Father one are.

João 10:28-30

O Father, whom thou given to me, I wish, that where am I, also they may be with me; that they may behold the glory the mine, which thou didst give to me, because thou didst love me before a laying down of a world.

João 17:24

The children, be you subject to the parents in all things; this for is well–pleasing in Lord.

The fathers, not do you provoke the children of you, so that not they may be discouraged.

Colossenses 3:20,21

Shall be therefore you perfect, as the Father of you, who in the heavens, perfect is.

Mateus 5:48

I write to you, O fathers, because you have known him from a beginning; I write to you, O young men, because you have overcome the evil one; I write to you, children, because you have known the Father.

1 João 2:13

All to me are given by the Father of me; and no one knows the son, if not the Father; neither the Father any one knows, if not the son, and to whom may be willing the son to reveal.

Mateus 11:27

Look attentively at the birds of the heaven, for not they sow, nor reap, nor gather into barns; and the Father of you the heavenly feeds them. Not you greatly excel them?

Mateus 6:26

Thou but fasting anoint of thee the head, and the face of thee wash,

so that not thou mayest seem to the men fasting, but to the Father of thee, that in the secret; and the Father of thee, who seeing in the secret, will give to thee.

Mateus 6:17,18

Answered Jesus and said to him: If any one love me, the word of me he will keep; and the Father of me will love him; to him we will come, and a dwelling with him we will make.

João 14:23