O Papel da Mulher

The husbands like manner, dwelling with according to knowledge as a weaker vessel with the female, bestowing honor as also being joint–heirs of gracious gift of life, in order that not to be hindered the prayers of you.

1 Pedro 3:7

In the same way and the women in apparel becoming, with modesty and soundness of mind, to adorn themselves, not with wreaths, of gold, or pearls or garment expensive,

1 Timóteo 2:9

Women in like manner serious, not accusers, vigilant, faithful in all things.

1 Timóteo 3:11

1 In like manner the wives, submitting yourselves to the own husbands, so that even if some are disobedient to the word, through the of the wives conduct without a word they may be gained,

2 having seen the in fear pure conduct of you.

3 Of whom let be not the outside, of braiding of hairs and placing around of golden chains or wearing of clothes, adorning;

4 but the hidden of the heart man, with the incorruptible of the meek and quiet spirit, which is in presence of the God very precious.

5 Thus for formerly also the holy women, those hoping in the God, adorned themselves, submitting to the own husbands;

6 as Sarah hearkened to the Abraham, lord, him calling, of her you became children, doing good and not fearing not one terror.

1 Pedro 3:1-6

22 the wives to the own husbands be you submissive, as to the Lord; Ephesians

23 because a husband is a head of the wife, as even the Anointed a head of the congregation; he is a preserver of the body.

24 But even as the congregation is subjected to the Anointed, thus also the wives to the own husbands in everything.

Efésios 5:22-24

3 aged–women in like manner in deportment becoming what is sacred, not accusers, not to wine much enslaved, good teachers.

4 so that they may wisely influence the young women, husband–lovers to be, children–lovers,

5 prudent ones, pure ones, housekeepers, good ones, being submissive to the own husbands, that not the word of the God may be evil spoken of.

Tito 2:3-5

But neither woman without man, nor man without woman, in Lord.

As for the woman from the man, so also the man through the woman; the but all things out of the God.

1 Coríntios 11:11,12