Poder de Decisão

6 who will render to each according to the works of him;

7 to those indeed by perseverance of a work good, glory and honor and incorruptibility are seeking, life age–lasting;

8 to those but from a party spirit, and disobeying indeed the truth, obeying but the unrighteousness, wrath and indignation.

Romanos 2:6-8

If any one may wish the will of him to do, he shall know concerning the teaching, whether from the God it is, or I from myself speak.

João 7:17

35 Not do you cast away therefore the confidence of you, which has a reward great.

36 Of patience for you have need; so that the will of the God having done, you may receive the promise.

37 Yet for a little while very very, the the coming one will come and not will delay.

38 The but just one by faith shall live; and if he should draw back, not delights the soul of me in him.

39 We but not are for shrinking back, to destruction; but for faith, to a saving of life.

Hebreus 10:35-39

Peter and said to them: Reform you, and be dipped each one of you in the name of Jesus Anointed, for forgiveness of sins, and you shall receive the gifts of the holy spirit.

Atos 2:38

O stiff–necked, and uncircumcised in the heart and the ears; you always the spirit the holy fight against, like the fathers of you also you.

Atos 7:51

I know of thee the works, that neither cold thou art, nor hot; I wish cold thou wert, or hot.

Thus, because lukewarm thou art, and neither hot nor cold, I am about thee to vomit out of the mouth of me. Because thou sayest;

Apocalipse 3:15,16

Be you subject therefore to the God; be opposed to the accuser, and he will flee from you;

draw you near to the God, and he will draw near to you; cleanse you hands, sinners, and purify you hearts, two–souled ones.

Tiago 4:7,8