Temor de Deus

Therefore kingdom unshaken receiving, may we hold fast favor, by means of which we may serve acceptably to the God, with reverence and piety.

Even for the God of us a fire consuming.

Hebreus 12:28,29

who not not may fear thee, O Lord, and may glorify the name of thee? because alone bountiful; because all the nations shall come and shall worship in presence of thee; because the righteous acts of thee were manifested.

Apocalipse 15:4

And not be afraid of those killing the body, the but life not being able to kill; be afraid but rather that being able both life and body to destroy in Gehenna.

Mateus 10:28

These therefore having the promise, beloved ones, let us cleanse ourselves from all pollution of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in fear of God.

2 Coríntios 7:1