Tobit 12

1 And Tobit called his son Tobias, and said unto him, See, my child, that the man which went with thee have his wages, and thou must give him more.

2 And he said unto him, Father, it is no harm to me to give him the half of those things which I have brought:

3 for he hath led me for thee in safety, and he cured my wife, and brought my money, and likewise cured thee.

4 And the old man said, It is due unto him.

5 And he called the angel, and said unto him, Take the half of all that ye have brought.

6 Then he called them both privily, and said unto them, Bless God, and give him thanks, and magnify him, and give him thanks in the sight of all that live, for the things which he hath done with you. It is good to bless God and exalt his name, shewing forth with honour the works of God; and be not slack to give him thanks.

7 It is good to keep close the secret of a king, but to reveal gloriously the works of God. Do good, and evil shall not find you.

8 Good is prayer with fasting and alms and righteousness. A little with righteousness is better than much with unrighteousness. It is better to give alms than to lay up gold:

9 alms doth deliver from death, and it shall purge away all sin. They that do alms and righteousness shall be filled with life;

10 but they that sin are enemies to their own life.

11 Surely I will keep close nothing from you. I have said, It is good to keep close the secret of a king, but to reveal gloriously the works of God.

12 And now, when thou didst pray, and Sarah thy daughter in law, I did bring the memorial of your prayer before the Holy One: and when thou didst bury the dead, I was with thee likewise.

13 And when thou didst not delay to rise up, and leave thy dinner, that thou mightest go and cover the dead, thy good deed was not hid from me: but I was with thee.

14 And now God did send me to heal thee and Sarah thy daughter in law.

15 I am Raphael, one of the seven holy angels, which present the prayers of the saints, and go in before the glory of the Holy One.

16 And they were both troubled, and fell upon their faces; for they were afraid.

17 And he said unto them, Be not afraid, ye shall have peace; but bless God for ever.

18 For not of any favour of mine, but by the will of your God I came; wherefore bless him for ever.

19 All these days did I appear unto you; and I did neither eat nor drink, but ye saw a vision.

20 And now give God thanks: because I ascend to him that sent me: and write in a book all the things which have been done.

21 And they rose up, and saw him no more.

22 And they confessed the great and wonderful works of God, and how the angel of the Lord had appeared unto them.

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