2 Coríntios 5

1 FOR we know that if our earthly house of this body were dissolved, we have nevertheless a building that is by Aloha; a house which is not made with hands, in the heaven, eternal.

2 For concerning this also we groan, and long to put on our house which is from heaven,

3 if, when that we have clothed, we may not be found naked.

4 For now while we are in this house, we groan from the weight of it: yet are we not willing to cast it off, but to be clothed upon of it, that its mortality might be swallowed up in life.

5 And he who prepareth us for this is Aloha, who hath given to us the earnest-pledge of his Spirit.

6 For therefore do we know and are persuaded, that so long as we remain in the body we are in pilgrimage from our Lord.

7 For by faith we walk, and not by sight.

8 On this account we confide, and long to pass away from the body, and to be with our Lord.

9 We give diligence, that whether we are pilgrims or inhabitants, we may be pleasing unto Him.

10 For we are all to stand before the tribunal of the Meshiha, that every man may be recompensed in his body (for) that which is done in it, whether of good or of evil.

11 THEREFORE, because we know the terror of our Lord, we persuade men; and to Aloha we are manifest; but I hope that to your minds also we are manifest.

12 For we commend not ourselves again to you, but we give you cause to be boastful of us to them who in appearance boast, but not in heart.

13 For if we be beside ourselves, (it is) unto Aloha; and if we be right, (it is) unto you.

14 For the love of the Meshiha constraineth us, because we judge this, That if one for every man hath died, then (was) every man dead.

15 And for every man he died, that they who live should not live to themselves, but to him who on their behalf died and arose.

16 And henceforth we no man know according to the flesh; and if we have known the Meshiha according to the flesh, yet from now we know not.

17 Whoever therefore is in the Meshiha is a new creature; the old things have passed, and every thing hath become new

18 from Aloha, who hath reconciled us to himself in the Meshiha, and given to us the ministry of reconciliation.

19 For Aloha is in the Meshiha, who hath reconciled the world with his greatness; and he hath not reckoned unto them their sins, and hath put in us the word of reconciliation.

20 WE are ambassadors then for the Meshiha, and as if Aloha himself besought you by us: instead of the Meshiha, therefore, we beseech, Be you reconciled unto Aloha.

21 For Him who knew not sin, on our account hath he made sin, that we might be in him the righteousness of Aloha.