2 Coríntios 7

1 Because then we have these promises, my beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all impurity of the flesh and of the spirit, and accomplish sanctification in the fear of Aloha.

2 Bear with us, my brethren; we have wronged no man, we have corrupted no man, we have injured no man.

3 I speak not to your condemnation; for I have said already, that you are laid up in our hearts to die together and to live.

4 GREAT is the freedom I have with you, and great in you is my glorying; I am full of consolation, and my joy greatly aboundeth in me in all my afflictions.

5 When, also, we had come into Makedunia, no repose had we for our body, but in every thing were we afflicted; without fighting, and within, fear.

6 But Aloha, who consoleth the humble, consoled us by the coming of Titos;

7 and not only by his coming, but also by his refreshment wherewith he had been refreshed among you. For he told us of your love toward us, and of your lamentation and your zeal on our behalf. And when I heard, my joy was great.

8 For though I grieved you in an epistle, I repent me not, though I did repent. For I perceive how that epistle, though for an hour, did make you sorry;

9 but now I exercise joy, not because you were made sorry, but because your sorrow hath brought you to repentance. For you were sorry towards Aloha; so that in nothing will you suffer loss from us.

10 For the sorrow that is for the sake of Aloha worketh soul-penitence, which turneth not and converteth, unto salvation; but the sorrow of the world worketh death.

11 For, behold, (in) this very (case) that you were made contrite for the sake of Aloha; what carefulness it wrought in you, and vindication, and displeasure, and fear, and love, and zeal, and punishment! And by every thing have you shown yourselves to be pure in this matter.

12 But, it was for this we wrote to you; not on account of the injurer, nor on account of the injured one, but that you may know before Aloha our carefulness over you.

13 For this cause we were consoled, and with our consolation more abundantly did we rejoice in the joy of Titos; because his spirit had been refreshed with you all.

14 Because in whatever I had boasted to him concerning you, I have not been ashamed; but, as of every thing we had spoken truth with you, so also our boasting unto Titos hath been found in truth.

15 And his affection is greatly enlarged toward you, when he remembers your obedience; because with fear and with trembling you received him.

16 I rejoice that in every thing I can confide in you.