2 Coríntios 8

1 BUT we make known to you, my brethren, the grace of Aloha which hath been given to the churches of Makedunia;

2 that in the great trial of their affliction there hath been an abounding of their joy; and the depth of their poverty hath been exceeded by the riches of their simplicity.

3 For I testify, that according to their power, and more than their power, in the willingness of their soul,

4 they besought of us, with much supplication, that they might participate in the beneficence of the ministry for the saints.

5 And not as we had supposed, but they gave themselves up first to the Lord, and also to us by the will of Aloha.

6 For we would request of Titos, that as he had begun, so he would carry into accomplishment this beneficence among you also.

7 But as you have excelled in every thing, in faith, and in doctrine, and in knowledge, and in all diligence, and in our love toward you, so also in this beneficence may you excel.

8 Not as though commanding I command you, but, from the diligence of your companions, the truth of your love would I put to the test.

9 FOR you know the beneficence of our Lord Jeshu Meshiha, that for your sake he became poor, though he was rich, that you through his poverty might be enriched.

10 But counselling I counsel you this which helpeth you; because from the last year you began not to will only, but also to do.

11 But now accomplish in work that which you willed, that as there hath been an incitement to will, so accomplish it in work from what you have.

12 For if there be the will, according to what one hath, so is (he) accepted, and not according to what he hath not.

13 Neither must there be to others ease, and to you anxiety,

14 but in equality be you at this time; that your abundance may be a supply to their want, that also their abundance may be for to your want, that there may be equality.

15 As it is written, He who took up much had no superfluity, and he who took up little was not deficient.

16 But praise to Aloha who in-gave this solicitude for you to the heart of Titos.

17 For our request he accepted; and because he had great concern, of his own will he hath come forth among you.

18 But we have sent with him our brother, whose praise in the gospel is in all the churches;

19 who hath, moreover, been chosen by the churches to go forth with us with this bounty which is ministered by us to the glory of Aloha himself, and unto our cordiality.

20 For we are precautious in this, that no one should lay upon us any imputation

21 with regard to this great bounty which is to be administered by us. For we are careful for the things which are comely, not only before Aloha, but also before men.

22 But we have also sent with them our brother, whom we have often proved in many to be diligent; but now still more diligent from the great confidence he hath concerning you.

23 Whether, then, (you regard) Titos, he is my companion and helper among you, or the other brethren, they are the apostles of the churches of the glory of Meshiha.

24 Wherefore the demonstration of your love, and of our boasting concerning you in these, make manifest in the sight of all the churches.