1 Timóteo 3

1 This saying is faithful, that if a man desire the presbyterate, a good work he desireth.

2 But it behoveth that a presbyter be as that blame be not found in him; and that he be the husband of one wife; (a man) who is of a vigilant mind, chaste, and orderly, and a lover of guests, and instructful;

3 and not a transgressor over wine, nor (one) whose hand hastens to strike; but he is to be gentle and not contentious, nor a lover of money;

4 and (one who) ruleth his house well, holding his children in subjection with all purity.

5 For if his own house he know not to rule well, how is he able to rule the church of Aloha?

6 Neither shall his discipleship be recent, lest he be lifted up, and fall into the judgment of Satana.

7 But it is needful that he have also a good testimony from those without, that he may not fall into reproach, and into the net of Satana.

8 And also the ministers must be pure, not speaking doubly, not inclined to much wine, nor shall they love unclean gains.

9 But they shall hold the mystery of the faith with a pure conscience.

10 And these are to be proved first, and then to minister, being without blame.

11 Thus also must the woman be chaste, and they shall be vigilant (in their) minds, and faithful in every thing; and they shall not be accusers.

12 The ministers shall be (of them) severally who have one wife, and shall rule each his children and his household well.

13 For they who minister well, a good degree acquire for themselves, and much openness of face in the faith of Jeshu Meshiha.

14 These I write to thee, hoping soon to come to thee;

15 but if I should delay, that thou mayest know how to converse in the house of Aloha, which is the church of Aloha the Living, the column and foundation of the truth.

16 And truly great is this mystery of righteousness, which was revealed in the flesh, and justified by the Spirit, and seen of angels, and preached among the peoples, and believed in the world, and taken up into glory.