2 Coríntios 9

1 BUT concerning the administration of the saints, I do more (than enough) if I write to you.

2 For I know the goodness of your mind, of which I boasted of you to the Makedunoyee, that Akaia was ready since last year, and your zeal hath stirred up many.

3 But I have sent the brethren to you, that our boasting which we boasted of you may not in this affair be vain; but, as I have said, you may be ready:

4 lest, if the Makedunoyee should come with me, and find you not ready, we be shamed-that I may not say, you be shamed-of the boasting which we have boasted.

5 For this cause I have been careful to entreat of these brethren to go before to you, to make ready that blessing of which you have caused to be heard before; that it may be prepared, so as that it may be a blessing, not as avarice.

6 But this, He who soweth with scantiness, with scantiness also reapeth; and he who soweth with blessing, with blessing also shall reap.

7 Every man as he hath in his mind: not as of vexation or as of constraint; for a cheerful giver the Lord loveth.

8 For it is in the power of Aloha to increase in you every good, that you may always have every thing sufficient, and that you may abound in every good work.

9 As it is written, He hath dispersed and given to the poor, And his righteousness standeth for ever.

10 But may He who giveth seed to the sower and bread for food, himself give and multiply your seed, and increase the fruits of your righteousness,

11 that in every thing you may be enriched in all simplicity, which worketh out through us, thanksgiving to Aloha.

12 For, on account of the performance of this service, we not only supply the deficiency of the saints, but also cause many thanks givings to abound unto Aloha.

13 For on account of the proof of this service we glorify Aloha, because you are subject to the confession of the gospel of Meshiha, and you have communicated in simplicity with them and with every man.

14 And prayer they offer on your behalf in great love, on account of the greatness of the grace of Aloha which is upon you.

15 But thanks to Aloha over his gift which is unspeakable.