Gálatas 5

1 Stand therefore in that liberty with which the Meshiha hath freed you, and be not enthralled with the yoke of bondage.

2 Behold, I, Paulos, tell you, that if you be circumcised, the Meshiha profiteth you nothing.

3 But I attest again to every man who is circumcised, that he is obligated to fulfil the whole law.

4 You have ceased from the Meshiha who are justified by the law, and from grace you have fallen.

5 But we through the Spirit, who is from faith, expect the hope of righteousness.

6 For, in the Meshiha Jeshu, circumcision is not any thing, nor uncircumcision, but faith which is made perfect by love.

7 Well did you run; who hath impeded you, that to the truth you should not be in obedience?

8 Your persuasion is not from him who called you.

9 A little leaven the whole mass leaveneth.

10 I am confident of you in our Lord, that no other thing you will think; and he who disturbeth you shall bear judgment, whoever he is.

11 But I, my brethren, if yet I have preached for circumcision, why have I been persecuted? Hath the scandal of the cross ceased?

12 But I would that they who disturb you were even cut off.

13 But you have been called unto liberty, my brethren: only let not your liberty be for an occasion of the flesh; but in love be subjected one to another.

14 For all the law in one word is fulfilled, in this: Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

15 But if you bite and devour one another, beware lest one by another you be consumed.

16 But I say to you, Walk in the Spirit, and the desires of the flesh you will not work.

17 For the flesh desireth that which is repugnant to the Spirit, and the Spirit desireth that which is repugnant to the flesh; and the two are adverse one to the other, that not any thing that you will you may do.

18 But if by the Spirit you are led, you are not under the law.

19 For the works of the flesh are known, which are (these), fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,

20 the worship of idols, sorcery, enmity, contention, ambition, wrath, calumny, divisions, rendings,

21 envy, murder, drunkenness, revelling, and all that are like these; and they who do them, as I told you before, so now I tell you, the kingdom of Aloha do not inherit.

22 But the fruits of the Spirit are, love, joy, peace, prolonging of the spirit, benignity, goodness, fidelity,

23 meekness, patience; against these the law is not set.

24 But they who are of the Meshiha have crucified their flesh, with all its passions and its lusts:

25 live we therefore in the Spirit,

26 and let us not be vain-glorious, contemning one another, envying one another.