And let your meekness be known unto every man: our Lord is near.

Filipenses 4:5

But the fruits of the Spirit are, love, joy, peace, prolonging of the spirit, benignity, goodness, fidelity,

meekness, patience; against these the law is not set.

Gálatas 5:22,23

Wear, therefore, as the chosen of Aloha, saints and beloved, compassions and tenderness, and benignity, and lowliness of mind, and composure, and patience.

Colossenses 3:12

Let the love of the brethren continue in you;

and kindness to strangers forget not; for in this some who were made worthy, while not perceiving it, have received angels.

Hebreus 13:1,2

Then judge not one another, but this determine rather, to lay not a stumbling-block for thy brother.

Romanos 14:13

In wisdom walk towards the outward ones, and redeem your opportunity.

And let your speech at all time be with grace as sprinkled with salt, each one knowing how it becometh him to return the answer.

Colossenses 4:5,6

Now, therefore, while the time is ours, let us do good unto every man, and especially to the sons of the house of the faith.

Gálatas 6:10

Amen, amen, I say to you, Whoever receiveth him whom I send receiveth me; and whoever receiveth me receiveth him who sent me.

João 13:20