Atos 11

1 And the apostles and brethren who were in Jihud heard that the Gentiles also had received the word of Aloha.

2 AND when Shemun had gone up to Urishlem, they who were of the circumcision contended with him,

3 saying, that unto men uncircumcised he had entered, and had eaten with them.

4 And Shemun put forth in order to say to them,

5 That while praying in Joppa I saw a vision; a certain vessel descended which was like to a sheet, and bound at the four corners: and it came down from heaven and came unto me.

6 And gazing at it I beheld in it animals of four feet, and reptiles of the earth, and fowls of the heaven.

7 And I heard a voice which said to me, Shemun, arise, slay, and eat.

8 And I said, Not so, my Lord; for nothing hath entered my mouth that is unclean or profane.

9 And again the voice said to me from heaven, What Aloha hath cleansed make not thou to be polluted.

10 This was done three times, and every thing was taken up into heaven.

11 And at that moment three men, who had been sent to me by Cornelius from Cesarea, came and stood at the gate of the court where I was sojourning.

12 And the Spirit said to me, Go with them without doubting. And there went also with me these six brethren, and we entered into the man's house.

13 And he related to us how he had seen in his house an angel, who stood and said to him, Send to the city Joppa, and bring Shemun who is called Kipha,

14 and he will speak with thee words by which thou wilt be saved, thou and all thy house.

15 And when I proceeded to speak there, the Spirit of Holiness overshadowed them, as upon us from the beginning.

16 And I remembered the word of our Lord, who said, Juhanon baptized you with waters, but you shall be baptized with the Spirit of Holiness.

17 If then Aloha equally hath given the gift to the Gentiles who have believed in our Lord Jeshu Meshiha as we, who was I, that I should be sufficient to prohibit Aloha?

18 And when these words they had heard they were silent, and they praised Aloha, and said, Now also unto the Gentiles Aloha hath given repentance unto life.

19 BUT they who had been dispersed by the tribulation that was concerning Estephanos went unto Punika, also to the region of Kypros and to Antiokia, but with any one not speaking the word unless only with the Jihudoyee.

20 But of them were men of Kypros and of Kyrine; these entered into Antiokia, and discoursed with the Javnoyee, and evangelized concerning our Lord Jeshu.

21 And the hand of the Lord was with them, and many believed, and were converted unto the Lord.

22 And this was heard by the ears of the sons of the church which was at Urishlem, and they sent Bar Naba to Antiokia.

23 And when he came thither, and beheld the grace of Aloha, he rejoiced, and entreated them with all their heart to cleave to our Lord.

24 For he was a good man, and full of the Spirit of Holiness and of faith, and there was added much people to our Lord.

25 And he went forth to Tarsos to seek for Shaol;

26 and when he had found him he brought him with him to Antiokia. And a whole year together they assembled in the church, and taught much people: from thence first in Antiokia the disciples were called Christianee.

27 And in those days there came from Urishlem thither prophets.

28 And one of them arose whose name was Agabos: and he made known to them by the Spirit that a great famine would be in all the land. And that famine was in the days of Claudios Caesar.

29 Therefore the disciples, according as each of them had, determined to send for the service of those brethren who dwelt in Jihud;

30 and they sent by the hand of Bar Naba and Shaol to the presbyters who were there.