Atos 21

1 And we separated from them and voyaged directly unto Ko the island, and the day after we came to Rodos, and from thence to Patara;

2 and we found there a ship which was going to Punike, and we ascended into her and voyaged.

3 And coming near Kypros the island, we left it on the left hand and came unto Syria, and thence came we to Tsur: for there was the ship to relieve from her burden.

4 And having found disciples there, we sojourned with them seven days. And these said daily unto Paulos in the Spirit, That he should not go unto Urishlem.

5 And after those days we departed to go on the way. And they accompanied us, all of them, they and their wives and their children, till without the city, and kneeled upon their knees on the sea shore, and prayed. And we kissed one another,

6 and we ascended to the ship, and they returned to their homes.

7 But we voyaged from Tsur, and came to Aku the city, and gave the salutation to the brethren who were there, and abode among them one day.

8 And the day after we departed and came to Cesarea; and we entered and abode in the house of Philipos the preacher, he who was of the seven.

9 And he had four virgin daughters who prophesied.

10 And when we had been there many days, there came down from Jihud a certain prophet whose name was Agabos.

11 And he came in to us, and took the loins'-girdle of Paulos, and bound his own feet and his hands, and said, Thus saith the Spirit of Holiness, So the man the master of this girdle will the Jihudoyee bind in Urishlem; and they will deliver him into the hands of the Gentiles.

12 And when we heard these words, we and the sons of the place entreated of him not to go unto Urishlem.

13 THEN answered Paulos and said, What do you, weeping and bruising my heart? For not to be bound only am I prepared, but also to die in Urishlem, for the sake of the name of our Lord Jeshu Meshiha.

14 And when he would not be persuaded by us, we desisted, and said, The will of our Lord be done.

15 And after those days we prepared and went up to Urishlem.

16 And there went with us men, disciples, from Cesarea, who conducted with them a certain brother of the first disciples whose name was Mnason, and he was from Kypros, to receive us into his house.

17 And when we were come to Urishlem, the brethren received us joyfully.

18 And the day following we entered with Paulos to Jakub, while all the presbyters were with him.

19 And we gave them salutation. And Paulos recounted to them in order what Aloha had done among the Gentiles by his ministry.

20 And when they heard, they glorified Aloha. And they said to him, Thou seest, our brother, how many myriads there are in Jihud who believe, and all of them are zealous for the law.

21 But it hath been said to them of thee, that thou teachest all the Jihudoyee who are among the Gentiles to remove from Musha; telling them that they should not circumcise their sons, nor walk in the customs of the law.

22 On this account, when they hear that thou art come hither, do that which we tell thee.

23 We have four men who have a vow to be purified.

24 Take them, and go, purify with them, and lay out upon them the expenses, that they may shave their heads; and it will be known to every man that what hath been said against thee is false, and that thou fulfillest and keepest the law.

25 Concerning those of the Gentiles who believe, we wrote that they should keep themselves from sacrifices, and from fornication, and from the strangled, and from blood.

26 Then Paul took those men the day after, and was purified with them. And he entered and went into the temple, making known to them the fulfillment of the days of the purification, so that an oblation might be offered for each man of them.

27 And when the seventh day was come the Jihudoyee who were from Asia saw him in the temple, and stirred up against him all the people. And they lifted their hands against him,

28 crying out, and saying, Men, sons of Israel, help! This is the man who contrary to our people teacheth every where, and contrary to the law, and against this place. And also Aramoyee hath he brought into the temple, and profaned this holy place.

29 For they had before seen with him Trophimus the Ephesian in the city, and supposed that with Paulos he had entered the temple.

30 And the whole city was commoved, and all the people assembled, and they laid hold of Paulos, and dragged him without from the temple; and instantly the gates were shut.

31 And while the multitude sought to kill him, the tribune of the cohort heard that the whole city was agitated.

32 And forthwith took he a centurion and many soldiers and ran upon them; and when they saw the tribune and the soldiers, they desisted from beating Paulos.

33 And the tribune drew near and took him, and commanded them to bind him with two chains. And he asked concerning him who (he was), and what he had done?

34 And men from the crowd cried against him variously, and because of their crying he was not able to know what was the truth; and he commanded that they should lead him to the fortress.

35 And as Paulos came to the stairs the soldiers carried him, on account of the violence of the people:

36 for after him was much people; and they cried, and said, Away with him!

37 And as they came to enter into the fortress, Paulos himself said to the tribune, May I be permitted to speak to the people?

38 But he said to him, Javanith knowest thou? Art thou not that Metsroya who before these days stirred up and led forth into the waste four thousand men workers of evils?

39 Paulos said to him, I am a man a Jihudoya from Tarsos of Cilicia, an illustrious city in which I was born: I pray you permit me to speak to the people.

40 And when he had permitted him, Paulos stood upon the stairs, and signed to them with his hand; and when they had ceased, he spoke to them in Hebrew, and said to them,