Atos 24

1 AND after five days Hanania the great priest came down with the elders, and with Tartelos a rhetor, and informed the governor against Paulos.

2 And being called, Tartelos came forth to accuse him, and said, For many years have we dwelt (in peace) through thee, and many reformations have been made for this people in the bearing of thy office;

3 and all we in every place receive thy bounty, victorious Felix.

4 But, not to weary thee with many (words), I pray thee to hear our humbleness with brevity.

5 For we have found this man to be a destroyer, and an exciter of agitation among all the Jihudoyee, and in all the land: for he is a chief of the doctrine of the Natsroyee,

6 and he willed to pollute our temple; and having apprehended him, we sought to judge him according to our law;

7 but Lusios the tribune came, and with great force transferred him from our hands,

8 and hath sent him unto thee, and commanded his accusers to come to thee; and thou canst by questioning him learn from him concerning all these things of which we accuse him.

9 The Jihudoyee themselves also contended against him, saying, that so these things were.

10 And the governor signed to Paulos to speak. And Paulos answered, and said, For many years I know that thou hast been the judge of this people, and on this account I joyfully make defence for myself;

11 while thou shouldst know that it hath not been more than twelve days since I went up to Urishlem to worship.

12 Neither found they me speaking with any man in the temple, neither have I gathered an assembly in their synagogue nor in the city;

13 nor is it in their power to demonstrate before thee any thing of what they accuse me.

14 Nevertheless, this do I confess, that in that very doctrine of which they speak, in it serve I the God of my fathers, believing in all that is written in the law and in the prophets,

15 and having hope in Aloha that which they also hope: that there shall be a resurrection from the house of the dead, of the just and of the evil.

16 Because of this also I labour to have a good conscience before Aloha and before men, continually.

17 But after many years I came to the sons of my people to bestow alms, and to present an oblation.

18 And these found me in the temple being purified, not with a concourse nor with tumult; but men Jihudoyee who had come from Asia raised a tumult;

19 (and) these it behoved to stand with me before thee, and to accuse of that whatever they have (against me).

20 Or let these themselves declare, what crime they found in me, when I stood before their assembly,

21 unless for this one word which I proclaimed while standing in the midst of them, For the resurrection of the dead am I judged this day before you.

22 But Felix, because he knew this way fully, delayed them, saying, When the tribune comes I will hear between you.

23 And he commanded the centurion to keep Paulos in quietude, and that none of his acquaintances should be hindered from ministering to him.

24 And after a few days Felix, and Drusilla his wife, who was a Jihudoytha, sent and called Paulos, and they heard from him concerning the faith of the Meshiha.

25 And as he discoursed with them of righteousness, and of holiness, and of the judgment which is to come, Felix was filled with fear, and he said, Now go, and when I have opportunity I will send for thee.

26 For he hoped that a bribe would be given him by Paulos, and on this account he continually sent to bring him, and to speak with him.

27 And when two years were fulfilled to him, another governor came in his place, who was called Porcios Festos. But Felix, as to do a favour to the Jihudoyee, left Paulos bound.