Atos 25

1 And when Festos came to Cesarea, after three days he went up to Urishlem.

2 And the chief priest and elders showed him concerning Paulos, and besought from him,

3 asking of him this favour, that he would bring him to Urishlem, while they would act treacherously in the way by killing him.

4 And Festos returned the word, That Paulos was kept in Cesarea, and I am hastening to proceed;

5 let those therefore of you who are able, go down with us, and accuse him of whatever guilt there is in the man.

6 And when he had been there eight days or ten, he went down to Cesarea. And the day after he sat on the tribunal, and commanded to bring Paulos.

7 And when he had come, the Jihudoyee who had come down from Urishlem surrounded him, and accusations many and hard brought against him, which they were not able to prove;

8 while Paulos put forth the mind, that he had not offended in any thing, neither against the law of the Jihudoyee, nor against the temple, nor against Caesar.

9 But Festos, because he willed to accord a favour to the Jihudoyee, said to Paulos, Art thou willing to go up to Urishlem, and there concerning these things to be judged before me?

10 Paulos answered, and said, At the tribunal of Caesar stand I. There it is right for me to be judged. Not any thing have I transgressed against the Jihudoyee, as also thou knowest;

11 and if a crime I have committed, or any thing worthy of death, I ask not (to be exempted) from death. But, if there be nothing in me of which these accuse me, no man shall give me to them as a gift. I invoke the appeals of Caesar.

12 Then Festos, having spoken with the sons of his council, said, The appeals of Caesar hast thou invoked? To Caesar goest thou.

13 AND when days had been, Agripos the king and Bernike came down to Cesarea to salute Festos.

14 And when they had been with him (some) days, Festos recounted to the king the judgment of Paulos, saying, A certain man has been left bound by Felix;

15 and when I was at Urishlem, the chief priests and elders of the Jihudoyee informed me against him, and begged that I would do for them judgment against him.

16 And I told them, it was not the custom of the Romans to give any man as a gift to be killed, until his adversaries have come and accused him to his face, and there be given him place to defend himself against that of which he is accused.

17 And when I had come hither, without delay, the day after I sat on the tribunal, and commanded to bring the man to me.

18 And his accusers stood up with him, but could not find any evil accusation to prove against him, (such) as I had expected,

19 but (had) various questions with him regarding their worship, and concerning Jeshu, a man who was dead, of whom Paulos said that he was alive.

20 And because I stood not upon the investigation of these (matters), I said to Paulos, Dost thou require to go to Urishlem, and there be judged concerning these?

21 But he required to be kept unto the judgment of Caesar; and I commanded that he should be kept until I may send him to Caesar.

22 And Agripos said, I would hear this man. And Festos said, To-morrow thou shalt hear him.

23 And the day after came Agripos and Bernike with great pomp, and entered the house of judgment, with the tribunes and the chiefs of the city. And Festos commanded, and Paulos came.

24 And Festos said, King Agripos, and all men who are with us, concerning this man whom you see have all the people of the Jihudoyee taken me at Urishlem and here, crying, that This ought not further to live;

25 but I perceived not that he had done any thing worthy of death. And because he required to be reserved for the judgment of Caesar, I have commanded that he should be sent.

26 But (as) I know not what to write of him unto Caesar, therefore have I willed to bring him before you, and especially before thee, king Agripos, that, having inquired into his case, I may find what to write.

27 For it is not fit when we send a man bound, not to record his transgression.