Atos 16

1 BUT a certain disciple was there whose name was Timotheus, the son of a certain Jihudoytha, a believer, and his father an Aramoya.

2 And all the disciples who were of Lystra and Ikonia testified concerning him.

3 This Paulos willed to take with him; and he took and circumcised him because of the Jihudoyee who were in the place; for they all knew his father that he was an Aramoya.

4 And when they had gone into the cities they preached and instructed them to keep those statutes which the apostles and presbyters who were in Urishlem had written.

5 So were the churches confirmed in the faith, and multiplied in number every day.

6 But they went through the countries of Phrygia and Galatia; and the Spirit of Holiness forbad them, that they should not preach the word of Aloha in Asia.

7 And when they came to the region of Mysia they willed to go from thence to Bithynia; and the Spirit of Jeshu permitted them not.

8 AND when they had gone forth from Mysia they came to the region of Troas.

9 And in a vision of the night, Paulos saw as a certain man, a Makedonoia, who stood and besought him, saying, Come unto Makedunia and help me.

10 But when Paulos had seen this vision, he immediately willed to go forth to Makedunia, for he understood that our Lord called us to evangelize them.

11 And we went from Troas and proceeded directly to Samuthracia, and from thence the day after we came to Neapolis the city,

12 and from thence to Philippos, which is the head of Makedunia, and is a colony. But we were in that city certain days.

13 And we went out on the day of shabath without the gate of the city to the bank of the river, because there was seen a house of prayer; and sitting down we discoursed with the women who assembled there.

14 And a certain female, a seller of purple, who feared Aloha, her name was Lydia, of Theatira the city, (was there,) whose heart our Lord opened, and she heard that which Paulos spake.

15 And she was baptized, she and the sons of her house. And she besought us and said, If it be that you truly think that I have believed in our Lord, come, remain in my house; and she constrained us much.

16 AND it was while we went to the house of prayer, a certain damsel met us in whom was a spirit of divination, and she had produced her lords much gain by her divination.

17 And she came after Paulos and after us, and cried and said, These men are the servants of Aloha the Most High, and announce to us the way of salvation.

18 And this she did many days. And Paulos was indignant, and said to that spirit, I command thee in the name of Jeshu Meshiha to come out of her. And in that hour it came out.

19 And when her lords saw that the hope of their gain had gone from her, they laid hold on Paulos and Shilo and drew them to the public place, and brought them unto the prefects and to the chiefs of the city,

20 and said, These men are troubling our city, because they are Jihudoyee,

21 and are preaching to us those rites which it is not permitted us to receive and perform, because we are Rumoyee.

22 And a great gathering assembled against them. Then the prefects rent their vestments, and commanded to scourge them.

23 And when they had scourged them much, they cast them into the house of the bound, and commanded the keeper of the house of the bound to keep them watchfully.

24 But he, having received this command, brought in and shut them in the inner house of the house of the bound, and fastened their feet in the stocks.

25 And in the dividing of the night, Paulos and Shilo prayed and glorified Aloha, and the chained-ones heard them.

26 And suddenly there was a great trembling, and the foundations of the house of the bound trembled, and at once the doors of all were opened, and the chains of all were loosened.

27 And when the keeper of the house of the bound awoke, and saw that the doors of the house of the bound were open, he took a sword and sought to kill himself, because he thought that the chained-ones had fled.

28 And Paulos cried with a high voice and said to him, Do thyself no harm, for we are all here.

29 And he kindled for himself a lamp, and sprang, and came, perturbed, and fell at the feet of Paulos and of Shilo:

30 and he brought them without, and said to them, My lords, what behoveth me to do that I may be saved?

31 And they said to him, Believe in our Lord Jeshu Meshiha, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.

32 And they spoke with him the words of the Lord, and with all the sons of his house.

33 And in the same hour of that night, he took and washed them from their stripes, and was forthwith baptized, and all the sons of his house.

34 And he took and brought them up into his house, and set for them the table, and exulted, he and the sons of his house, in the faith of Aloha.

35 And when it was morning the prefects sent to the bearers of rods to say to the chief of the house of the bound, Loose those men.

36 AND when the chief of the house of the bound heard, he entered and spoke that word to Paulos, that the prefects have sent that you might he dismissed; and now go forth (and) proceed in peace.

37 Paulos saith to him, They scourged us in the eyes of the world, (we) being innocent, (and) Roman men, and threw us into the house of the bound; and now would they bring us forth secretly? No, indeed, but they shall come and bring us out.

38 And the bearers of rods went and told the prefects these words which had been spoken to them. And when they heard that they were Rumoyee, they feared.

39 And they came to them, and besought them to come forth and depart from the city.

40 And when they had gone forth from the house of the bound, they entered with Lydia, and there saw the brethren, and consoled them. And they went forth