Atos 18

1 AND when Paulos had gone forth from Athinos, he came unto Kurinthos.

2 And he found there a certain man, a Jihudoya, whose name was Akilos, who was from the country of Pontos, (and) who at that time had come from the country of Italia, himself and Priskila his wife, because Klaudios Cesar had commanded that all the Jihudoyee should go out from Ruma; and he drew near to them:

3 (and) because he was a son of their art, he dwelt with them and wrought with them: but in their art they were tentmakers.

4 And he discoursed in the synagogue every shabath, and persuaded the Jihudoyee and the Heathens.

5 And when from Makedunia Shilo and Timotheos had come, Paulos was constrained in his speech, because the Jihudoyee arose against him and blasphemed, while he testified to them that Jeshu is the Meshiha.

6 And he shook his garments and said to them, From now I am clean: I go unto the Gentiles.

7 And he went forth from thence, and entered into the house of a man named Titos, who worshipped Aloha; and his house adjoined the synagogue.

8 And Krispos, master of the synagogue, believed in our Lord, he and all the sons of his house. And many of the Kurinthoyee heard and believed in Aloha, and were baptized.

9 And the Lord said in a vision unto Paulos, Fear not, but speak and be not silent;

10 for I am with thee, and no man can do thee harm; and I have much people in this city.

11 But he abode a year and six months in Kurinthos, and taught them the word of Aloha.

12 AND when Galion was proconsul of Akaia, they gathered together against Paulos, and brought him before the tribunal,

13 saying, This (man) part from the law persuadeth men to worship Aloha.

14 And when Paulos sought to open his mouth and speak, Galion said to the Jihudoyee, If it were concerning some thing of evil, or of wickedness, or of abomination, you would complain, O Jihudoyee, it would be proper for me to receive you;

15 but if they be questions concerning language and names, and concerning your law, let them be known among yourselves; for I am not willing to be a judge of these matters.

16 And he drove them from his tribunal.

17 And all the Heathens seized Sosthenis the presbyter of the synagogue, and beat him before the tribunal. And Galion was careless of these.

18 And when Paulos had been there many days, he gave the salutation to the brethren, and proceeded by sea to go to Syria: and Priskila and Akilos went with him, when he had shaved his head at Kankreos, because he had vowed a vow.

19 And they came to Ephesos. And Paulos entered the synagogue and discoursed with the Jihudoyee;

20 and they requested of him to tarry with them; and he was not willing;

21 for he said, It behoveth me faithfully to perform the feast which cometh at Urishlem; and if Aloha willeth, I will come again to you. And Akilos and Priskila he left at Ephesos;

22 and he voyaged by sea and came to Cesarea: and he went up and wished the peace of the sons of the church, and went unto Antiokia.

23 And when he had been there certain days, he went forth and itinerated successively through Phrygia and Galatia, confirming all the disciples.

24 And a certain man whose name was Apolu, a Jihudoya, who was by family of Aleksandria, and erudite in speech, and accurate in the scriptures, came to Ephesos.

25 This was discipled in the way of the Lord, and was fervid in spirit, and he spake and taught freely concerning Jeshu, while knowing not any thing but the baptism of Juhanon.

26 And he began boldly to speak in the synagogue. And when Akilos and Priskila heard him, they brought him to their house, and fully showed to him the way of the Lord.

27 And when he willed to go to Akaia, the brethren were careful of him, and wrote to the disciples to receive him. And when he had gone he helped much, through grace, all the believers.

28 For he disputed forcibly against the Jihudoyee before the assemblies, while he showed from the scriptures concerning Jeshu, that he is the Meshiha.