João 18

1 THESE said Jeshu, and went forth with his disciples over the ford of Kedrun, where there was a garden, which he entered with his disciples.

2 But Jihuda, the traitor, also knew that place, because many-a-time had Jeshu there with his disciples convened.

3 Jihuda then took a band, and from the chief priests and Pharishee he took officers, and came thither with lanterns and lamps and arms.

4 But Jeshu, who knew every thing that should come upon him, went forth and said to them, Whom seek you?

5 They say to him, Jeshu Natsroia. Jeshu saith to them, I am. And Jihuda the traitor was also standing with them.

6 And when Jeshu had said to them, I am, they went backward and fell upon the ground.

7 And Jeshu again asked them, Whom seek you? Then they said, Jeshu Natsroia.

8 Jeshu saith to them, I have told you that I am; and if me you seek, let these go.

9 That the word might be fulfilled which he spake, Of those whom thou hast given me I have not lost even one.

10 But Shemun Kipha had a sword upon him, and he drew it, and smote the servant of the high priest, and took off his right ear.

11 And the name of the servant was Molek. Jeshu said to Kipha, Put up the sword into its sheath; the cup which my Father hath given me shall I not drink it?

12 Then the band and the captains and the officials of the Jihudoyee took Jeshu and bound him,

13 and brought him unto Chanan first, because he was father-in-law of Kaiapha, he who was the high priest of that year.

14 Now it was Kaiapha, he, who had counselled the Jihudoyee that it was expedient that one man should die for the people.

15 But Shemun Kipha, and one of the other disciples, came after Jeshu. And that disciple knew the chief of the priests, and went in with Jeshu into the hall.

16 But Shemun stood without at the door. And that other disciple, who knew the chief of the priests, went out and told the keeper of the door to admit Shemun.

17 But the damsel keeping the door said to Shemun, Art thou also of the disciples of this man? He saith to her, No.

18 And the servants and officials were standing, and they had set a fire to warm them, because it was cold; and Shemun stood also with them and warmed himself.

19 And the high priest questioned Jeshu concerning his disciples, and concerning his doctrine.

20 And Jeshu said to him, I openly discoursed with the people, and, at all time, taught in the synagogue and in the temple, where all the Jihudoyee assemble. And nothing in secret have I spoken.

21 Why askest thou me? Ask them who have heard what I have said with them. Behold, they know every thing that I have said.

22 And as these (words) he spake, one of the officers who stood (by) struck Jeshu upon his cheek, and said to him, Thus givest thou the answer to the chief of the priests?

23 Jeshu replied and said to him, If wickedly I have spoken, bear witness of the evil; but if well, why hast thou struck me?

24 But Chanan had sent Jeshu bound unto Kaiapha, chief of the priests.

25 And Shemun Kipha stood and warmed (himself), and they say to him, Thou art also one of his disciples? And he denied and said, I am not.

26 One of the servants of the chief of the priests said to him, the brother of him whose ear Shemun had cut off, Did not I see thee with him in the garden?

27 And again Shemun denied. And in the same hour the cock crowed.

28 NOW they led Jeshu from Kaiapha into the praetorium, and it was early. But they would not enter the praetorium, that they might not be defiled, until they should have eaten the petscha.

29 But Pilatos came forth to them without, and said to them, What accusation have you against this man?

30 They answered and said to him, If he were not a worker of evils, we would not to thee have delivered him.

31 Pilatos saith to them, Take you him, and judge him according to your law.

32 The Jihudoyee say to him, It is not lawful for us to put any one to death. That the word that Jeshu spake might be accomplished, when he declared by what death he should die.

33 But Pilatos entered the Praetorium, and called Jeshu, and said to him, Art thou the king of the Jihudoyee?

34 Jeshu saith to him, Of thyself sayest thou this, or did others tell thee concerning me?

35 Pilatos saith to him, Am I a Jihudoya? The sons of thy people and the chief priests have delivered thee to me: what hast thou done?

36 Jeshu saith to him, My kingdom is not from this world. If from this world were my kingdom, my servants would have fought, that I should not have been delivered to the Jihudoyee. But now my kingdom is not from hence.

37 Pilatos saith to him, Then thou art a king? Jeshu saith to him, Thou hast said that I am a king. For this am I born, and for this I came into the world, to testify of the truth. Every one who is of the truth heareth my voice.

38 Pilatos said to him, What is the truth? And when he had said this, he went forth again to the Jihudoyee, and said to them, I find not one cause in him.

39 But you have a custom that one I should release to you at the petscha. Will you, therefore, that I release to you this King of the Jihudoyee?

40 And they all cried and said, Not this, but Bar Aba. Now this Bar Aba was a robber.