Wherefore gird up the loins of your minds, and be fully wakeful, and hope for the joy that cometh to you at the revelation of our Lord Jeshu Meshiha;

1 Pedro 1:13

The grace of our Lord Jeshu Meshiha be with your spirit, my brethren. Amen.

Filemom 1:25

who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling; not according to our works, but according to his will, and that grace of his which was given to us in Jeshu Meshiha before the time of the worlds,

2 Timóteo 1:9

For sin shall not rule over you; for you are not under law, but under grace.

Romanos 6:14

For so loved Aloha the world, as his Son, the Only-begotten, he would give, that every one who believeth in him might not perish, but have the life which is eternal.

João 3:16

But by me my life is reckoned nothing, so that I may accomplish my course, and the ministry I have received from our Lord Jeshu, to bear witness concerning the gospel of the grace of Aloha.

Atos 20:24

that as sin hath reigned in death, so grace might reign in righteousness unto the life which is eternal, by the hand of our Lord Jeshu Meshiha.

Romanos 5:21

But the God of grace, who hath called us to his eternal glory by Jeshu Meshiha, will give to us while we endure these few afflictions to be strengthened, and confirmed, and established in him for ever.

1 Pedro 5:10

BUT Aloha, who is rich in his mercies, for his great love wherewith he loved us

while we were dead in our sins, made us alive with the Meshiha, and through his grace delivered us,

Efésios 2:4,5

For by his grace are we saved through faith, and this was not of you, but is the gift of Aloha,

not of works, that no man should glory.

Efésios 2:8,9

The grace of our Lord Jeshu Meshiha be with all the saints. Amen.

Apocalipse 22:21

FOR the all-saving grace of Aloha hath appeared to all men,

and teacheth us to deny wickedness and the lusts of the world, and to live in this world in purity, and in rectitude, and in the fear of Aloha,

Tito 2:11,12

for all have sinned, and have failed of the glory of Aloha;

and all are justified by grace freely, and (that) through the redemption which is in Jeshu Meshiha,

Romanos 3:23,24

But not as was the fall, so is the gift; for if, on account of the fall of one, many died, how much more the grace of Aloha, and his gift, for the sake of one man, Jeshu Meshiha, in many will abound?

Romanos 5:15

For if you forgive men their trespasses, your Father who is in heaven will forgive you also.

Mateus 6:14

Let us therefore approach with confidence to the throne of his grace, that we may receive mercy, and find grace for help in the time of affliction.

Hebreus 4:16

What, then, shall we sin, because we are not under law, but under grace? Not so.

Romanos 6:15