1 Timóteo 5

1 Never speak harshly to an older man, but appeal to him as if he were your father. Treat younger men like brothers,

2 older women like mothers, and younger women like sisters, with absolutely purity.

3 Honor widows who are really widows.

4 But if a widow has children or grandchildren, they must first learn to respect their own family by repaying their parents, for this is pleasing in God's sight.

5 A woman who is really a widow and is left all alone has placed her hope in God and devotes herself to petitions and prayers night and day.

6 But the widow who lives for pleasure is dead while she lives.

7 Continue to give these instructions so that they may be blameless.

8 If anyone does not take care of his own relatives, especially his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

9 A widow may be put on the widows' list if she is at least sixty years old and has been the wife of one husband.

10 She must be well known for her good works as a woman who has raised children, welcomed strangers, washed the saints’ feet, helped the suffering, and devoted herself to doing good in every way.

11 But do not include younger widows on your list. For whenever their natural desires cause them to lose their devotion to Christ, they want to remarry.

12 They receive condemnation because they have set aside their previous pledge.

13 At the same time, they also learn how to be lazy while going from house to house. Not only this, but they even become gossips and keep busy by interfering in other people's lives, saying things they should not say.

14 Therefore, I want younger widows to remarry, have children, manage their homes, and not give the enemy any chance to ridicule them.

15 For some widows have already turned away to follow Satan.

16 If any woman is a believer and has relatives who are widows, she should help them. The church should not be burdened so that it can help those who really are widows.

17 Elders who handle their duties well should be considered worthy of double compensation, especially those who work hard at preaching and teaching.

18 For the Scripture says, “You must not muzzle an ox while it is treading out grain,” and“A worker deserves his pay.”

19 Do not accept an accusation against an elder unless it is supported by two or three witnesses.

20 As for those who keep on sinning, rebuke them in front of everyone so that the others will also be afraid.

21 In the sight of God, Christ Jesus, and the chosen angels, I solemnly call on you to carry out these instructions without prejudice, doing nothing on the basis of partiality.

22 Do not ordain anyone hastily. Do not participate in the sins of others. Keep yourself pure.

23 Stop drinking only water, but use a little wine for your stomach because of your frequent illnesses.

24 The sins of some people are obvious, going ahead of them to judgment. The sins of others follow them there.

25 In the same way, good works are obvious, and those that are not cannot remain hidden.