Isaías 15

1 The doom of Moab. Truly in a night is ‘Ar of Moab plundered, it is laid waste; truly in a night is Kir of Moab plundered, it is laid waste.

2 It goeth up to the idol–house, and Dibon goeth up to the high–places to weep, on Nebo and on Medeba shall Moab wail: on all its heads there is baldness, and every beard is hewn off.

3 In its streets they are girded with sack–cloth, on its roofs, and in its public places every one shall wail, groan with weeping.

4 And loud crieth Cheshbon with El’aleh; as far as Yahaz is heard their voice: therefore the armed men of Moab shall howl; its soul is grieved for itself.

5 My heart will cry for Moab, whose fugitives are as far as Zo’ar, and the third ‘Eglarth; for the ascent of Luchith––with weeping is it ascended; for on the way to Choronayim they let resound the cry of defeat in battle.

6 For the waters of Nimrim shall be desolate; for dry is the grass, gone are the herbs, and green things are no more.

7 Therefore the rest of their acquisitions and what they possess shall they carry away over the brook of the willows.

8 For the cry hath encompassed the boundary of Moab; up to Eglayim is heard its wail, and at Beer–elim is heard its wail.

9 For the waters of Dimon are filled with blood; for I will bring over Dimon armed bands; over the escaped of Moab cometh a lion, and over the remnant of the land.