Oséias 2

1 [^1] "Say of your brothers, 'My people,' and of your sisters, 'My loved one.'

2 "Rebuke your mother, rebuke her, ¶ for she is not my wife, ¶ and I am not her husband. ¶ Let her remove the adulterous look from her face ¶ and the unfaithfulness from between her breasts.

3 Otherwise I will strip her naked and make her as bare as on the day she was born; ¶ I will make her like a desert, ¶ turn her into a parched land, ¶ and slay her with thirst.

4 I will not show my love to her children, because they are the children of adultery.

5 Their mother has been unfaithful and has conceived them in disgrace. ¶ She said, 'I will go after my lovers, ¶ who give me my food and my water, ¶ my wool and my linen, my olive oil and my drink.'

6 Therefore I will block her path with thornbushes; I will wall her in so that she cannot find her way.

7 She will chase after her lovers but not catch them; she will look for them but not find them. ¶ Then she will say, ¶ 'I will go back to my husband as at first, ¶ for then I was better off than now.'

8 She has not acknowledged that I was the one who gave her the grain, the new wine and oil, ¶ who lavished on her the silver and gold — ¶ which they used for Baal.

9 "Therefore I will take away my grain when it ripens, ¶ and my new wine when it is ready. ¶ I will take back my wool and my linen, ¶ intended to cover her naked body.

10 So now I will expose her lewdness before the eyes of her lovers; ¶ no one will take her out of my hands.

11 I will stop all her celebrations: her yearly festivals, her New Moons, ¶ her Sabbath days —all her appointed festivals.

12 I will ruin her vines and her fig trees, which she said were her pay from her lovers; ¶ I will make them a thicket, ¶ and wild animals will devour them.

13 I will punish her for the days she burned incense to the Baals; ¶ she decked herself with rings and jewelry, ¶ and went after her lovers, ¶ but me she forgot," ¶ declares the LORD.

14 "Therefore I am now going to allure her; ¶ I will lead her into the wilderness ¶ and speak tenderly to her.

15 There I will give her back her vineyards, and will make the Valley of Achor [^2] a door of hope. ¶ There she will respond [^3] as in the days of her youth, ¶ as in the day she came up out of Egypt.

16 "In that day," declares the LORD, ¶ "you will call me 'my husband'; ¶ you will no longer call me 'my master. [^4] '

17 I will remove the names of the Baals from her lips; no longer will their names be invoked.

18 In that day I will make a covenant for them with the beasts of the field, the birds in the sky ¶ and the creatures that move along the ground. ¶ Bow and sword and battle ¶ I will abolish from the land, ¶ so that all may lie down in safety.

19 I will betroth you to me forever; I will betroth you in [^5] righteousness and justice, ¶ in [^6] love and compassion.

20 I will betroth you in [^7] faithfulness, and you will acknowledge the LORD.

21 "In that day I will respond," ¶ declares the LORD — ¶ "I will respond to the skies, ¶ and they will respond to the earth;

22 and the earth will respond to the grain, the new wine and the olive oil, ¶ and they will respond to Jezreel. [^8]

23 I will plant her for myself in the land; I will show my love to the one I called 'Not my loved one. [^9] ' ¶ I will say to those called 'Not my people, [^10] ' 'You are my people'; ¶ and they will say, 'You are my God.'"